What Is Global Trends 2030: Alternative Worlds?

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The National Intelligence Council’s report, Global Trends 2030: Alternative Worlds, provides a predicted future according to trends and events that have only begun to influence the international stage now. The predictions are made by looking at megatrends and game-changers. Megatrends are trends that already exist now, but will gain momentum over the next fifteen to twenty years. The megatrends predict that the world will experience an increase in individual empowerment, a diffusion of power, changes in demographic patterns, and increased global connections over resources like food, water, and energy.
According to the National Intelligence Council, individual empowerment will be one of the most influential megatrends impacting the future world.
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According to the National Intelligence Council, the four demographic trends that will influence the global stage are widespread aging, a shrinking number of youthful countries, increased migration, and increased migration. By 2030, the world’s average age is rising with the exception of Africa. The aging of countries in the West and other developing countries will struggle to sustain demands for living conditions. For those countries, reformations of retirement and health-care programs are necessary to prevent the decline of living conditions. Along with increased again, demand for skilled or unskilled workers will cause migration concerns between many countries. Migration is expected to rise over the course of fifteen to twenty years. With the increase of migration among countries, urban populations will grow in countries with larger population growth rates as well as slow-growing population rates. Increasing urbanization will cause havoc on large cities because of increasing land restraints and other infrastructure restraints. Also increased urbanization will increase major cities carbon footprint which will require cities to develop new technologies to help reduce

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