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  • Personal Narrative: My Trip To Kenya, Africa

    The lengthy, cramped, and quiet bus ride to Living Hope Day School both excited and terrified me. A never ending stream of “what if” questions rattling my brain caused me think twice about what I was doing there in the first place. I was a stranger to them, someone whom they knew nothing about. I gazed out the window, trying to calm my thoughts when I saw them. An endless sea of purple sweaters, and cheery faces lined the fence at the school. All of my previous doubts washed away when I stepped…

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  • To Kill A Mockingbird Opening Scene Analysis

    In cinematography you learn different ways to angle the camera, the lights just the right way to show you an entire chapter of a book in just a few frames, add a score to listen to the music and sounds and get your audience to feel the movie from their perspective. As a director they may not have the idea but they can show a thousand words in just one picture. That is key thing in videography is it has to capture, what the author writes they show with just one frame, weather it is to show a…

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  • Reflection Of Personal Philosophy: My Philosophy Of Philosophy

    Philosophy: When I hear the word philosophy I think about thinking. If you would have asked me that same question before I took this class, I would tell you that Philosophy sounds like a super difficult class that is going to consist of your opinion. Philosophy is talking about how you think and your opinion, but it is also teaching you how to look at other people and figure out how they think. Not just what they think but where their views are coming from. This paper is about how we become…

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  • Intangible Items

    In the novel, “The Things They Carried”, Tim O’Brien remembers, reflects, and shares the tangible and intangible items he and his comrades carried throughout their time at war. O’Brien also reflects on other items he carries through his daily life, such as memories, stress, and his daughter. What people carry with them is a glimpse into their mind, soul, and heart. It helps define who they are as a person and their possible future. I carry tangible and intangible items constantly through my…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Community Engagement Project

    During my community engagement work I have two different things. As I stated in my earlier writing it was kind of challenging to find activities that better the environment in my neck of the woods. However, in this project I mainly focused on ethics and social responsibilities. The two activities that I have done was one teaching a Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (JROTC) and I volunteered at the local humane society here in Gulfport, MS. I volunteered a little over 7 hours of teaching…

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  • Defining Moment: A Short Story

    Time goes by so fast that we never really stop to enjoy the little moments. Eating out with friends, bowling, study dates, etc.: these are some of the little things we take for granted without even realizing we are doing it. There is a quote from one of my favorite television series, One Tree Hill that reads, “It’s the oldest story in the world. One day you’re seventeen and planning for someday and then quietly, without ever really noticing someday is yesterday and this is your life.” No one…

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  • The Negative Aspects Of Being An Adult

    When we are children, we dream about being an adult. When we are adults, we dream about being a kid again. Being a child can be the best and the worst thing ever. It is scary because you have the whole world around you. Waiting to judge you. It is also the best because you have the whole world around you, in the palm of your hands, waiting for you to judge it. The world is also testing you to see how far in life you will go, to see how successful you will become, and to see how knowledgeable you…

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  • English 11 Accomplishments

    “The art of being happy lies in the power of finding happiness in ordinary things. Life doesn’t force us to be perfect it only asks us to do our best.” -Unknown This has been a quote I have learned to follow throughout the course of my junior year. If we allow ourselves to be happy about little achievements and know that we did our best regardless of the outcome, then we can help ourselves be more successful in the future. A good example of some of the small accomplishments i 've made my…

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  • Middle School Students Make A Difference Essay

    I once asked a close friend of mine, “How can a middle school student make a difference?” He simply answered, “ At our age, to make a difference we have to have a drive to make a change. You can’t just blindly run into world wanting to do something; you need a plan, determination, and confidence to know that you can make a difference.” I thought about what he said and realized he had a point. Kids my age are so concerned about the little things we never actually see the bigger picture; that…

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  • Grover's Corners In Our Town

    Our Town is clearly a representation - and largely a celebration - of small-town American life. Nearly every character in the play love’s Grover's Corners, even as many of them acknowledge its small-mindedness and dullness. Its sleepy simplicity, in fact, is its major point of attraction for many characters. Dr. Gibbs, for instance, who refuses to travel, thus cultivates his ignorance of life outside of Grover's Corners in order to remain content within it; his son, too, decides not to go away…

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