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  • Identity Of Girl

    I am a girl. I have always been a girl, have always seen myself as a girl, and hold onto being a girl as a part of my identity. For most of my life, this identity has not had a profoundly negative nor positive impact on how I live. I have the privilege of having grown up in liberal Sonoma, where my being a girl did not automatically make me lesser. I played Co-Ed soccer until I was 10, was given the same opportunities to learn as the boys in my classes, and never had anyone other than a…

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  • My Home And Dysfunctional Pieces Of My Life

    It’s weird to think about my life up to this point in time. I’m a 23 year old college student who’s so focused on making it through a 16 credit hour semester on top of working full time that other than current events it’s strange to think back on my life and what all has happened. I grew up in a nice neighborhood on the east side of Sandy, Utah. The house I lived in was large, much like the other homes in the area. But unlike the other homes this house was just a front to hide the very…

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  • Analysis Of Honesty In The End

    “Everything will be okay in the end. If it’s not okay, it’s not the End.” - John Lennon The Quote above says that everything will be fine at the right time or when someone has been fulfil his goals in life. Like stories in the books or movies it only end when the character resolve all the problems his been facing all the time. But when the story add another problem it means that the story is not yet been done and should be continue until it find its way to be done. It also means like whatever…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Life As An Entrepreneur

    A single piece of vintage gum and hundreds of vintage Japanese tea-sets has singlehandedly financed my family for the last five years and paid my college tuition. When I was fifteen I finally had enough of my parent 's cluttered house. I sat on the kitchen table, opened up an eBay account and made my first amateur attempt at auctioning off some leftover drill bits that had sat in the garage. The process was slow, the pictures were terrible and the items were priced far too low. At first,…

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  • Summary: The Influence Of Interpersonal Communication

    As stated in the first paper written, I’m canalizing the relationship between my boyfriend and me. A little over three years ago I fell in love expectantly at the age of sixteen. I had no idea that we would end up having a future together. My life turned upside down in the best way possible and in the mean time I have learned many life lessons in between. We have had many obstacles but have managed to get through everything together. No relationship is perfect, everyone has moments where they…

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  • Personal Narrative: Look Closely

    Look Closely I’m sitting by the huge willow tree that was planted by my grandfather when he lived here. Dawn is the most peaceful time for me. The sun, which is in the process of rising, casts a glow on everything. There’s a slight breeze that comes every so often, lifting my hair and blowing tendrils across my face. Movement catches my eye, and I see a flock of birds soaring across the backdrop of the sky. The morning air smells clean and crisp. The day holds the possibility of all…

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  • Identical Twin Compare And Contrast

    A lot of people think just because you’re an identical twin, that you must be the same in every aspect of your life as the other person. In my case, and in others, being an identical twin doesn’t prove that we are the same in all areas of life. I have an identical twin sister, named Emily. Emily is pessimistic, high maintenance and very well organized. I, on the other hand, am more optimistic, open-minded and easygoing. We have the basic similarity of our physical aspect because we are identical…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Experience Of Moving To Home

    Besides leaving my home country, it was the second hardest thing that I had to experience. I was seven years old and when my parents announced that we were moving to United States, frankly I was excited to see the USA. However, as time passed I started to miss my family back in Ecuador. When, I was in the airport saying goodbyes to friends and family members. I did not understand that I would not see them in again in five years. However, hearing the news that my abuelito had passed away in 2006.…

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  • Eugene Earnhart Lessons For Living Analysis

    The Dash Project has allowed me to really think about my future and realize what things are important in life whether it has to do with cognitive aspects or social/emotional aspects or physical aspects. I am lucky enough to have a 93-year-old great grandfather in my life, and I was able to interview him for this paper. He provided a lot of useful information that I gained knowledge from. When I asked my great grandfather about the cognitive aspect of his life, he said if he had a do over,…

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  • Kevin Breel's Life In Boy Meets Depression

    Introduction Good or bad diversity is present all around us. Diversity can be a positive aspect to society because it can offer a variety of objects, ideas, and people into the world. People need to be accepting of diversity because it is has a variety of good functions to provide to a society. However, diversity can also cause issues because not everyone in the world is accepting of differences. This does not make diversity bad, but rather shows that people need to be willing to embrace…

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