Colbie Caillat Essay

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Colbie Caillat is a pop artist who loves to love love, and she’s not afraid of letting the whole world know all about it repeatedly in her 2007 hit album, Coco. My job is to allow you to learn from my mistakes: NEVER listen to ANY of her music… EVER! It’s a down-right shock that she became a part of the music world in the first place, considering her lack of talent. She did, however, and it’s significant to understand her life behind the music, and how she even received the time of day to make her music public in the first place. For instance, the main driving force for then-tween Caillat to get into the music business was, interestingly enough, the film Sister Act 2, in which Lauryn Hill sings in a powerful rendition of “Joyful, Joyful” (Lymangrover, …show more content…
For instance, at around the same time that Caillat released her happy-go-lucky album in the summer (again, ironic due to her sunny persona and musical content on Coco) a downturn in financial stability rocked America (Lymangrover, 2016; “2007,” 2016). “The US Housing bubble bursts when year on year home prices drop by up to 2 - 15% in areas of the country causing increasing numbers of Foreclosures” depicts the growing struggle for many young couples who were just starting to begin their lives together (“2007,” 2016). As a result of this economic hardship, the youthful couples turned to Caillat’s ‘bubbly’ love songs in order to detract from their struggles (“Biography,” 2016; Caillat, 2007b; Erlewine, 2016; Lymangrover, 2016; “2007,” 2016). Wow, people must have had their judgements severely clouded when they decided that Caillat’s music would actually make them feel better. Regrettably, four of the songs on Coco achieved star status, with names such as: “Bubbly” and “Realize” (“Biography,” 2016). In any case, these young adults aided Caillat in her undeserved rise to fame, and the rest is history. She soon, however, fell out of style due to her lack of ability to ‘realize’ that she had to continually adapt to the musical inclinations of …show more content…
Her surprisingly hit song, track #4 on Coco, is the worst of them all (Caillat, 2007a). Colbie Caillat plays her acoustic guitar throughout “Bubbly” like a tired elementary school teacher who can’t come up with a good lesson for her music class (Caillat, 2007a). The song contains only simple strums, and it’s played as softly and quietly as a lullaby that’s created for a lightly-snoozing baby, although it does possess some bounce so the parent won’t fall asleep trying to play it for their young one (Caillat, 2007a). The sound of the music is in sharp contrast with the actual lyrics to the song, which send a message of romantic longing for another (Caillat, 2007a). Lyrics such as, “ ‘Cause every time I see your bubbly face/I get the tingles in a silly place” are just bizarre (Caillat, 2007a). Describing someone’s face as ‘bubbly’ is not really something that most people would find as a compliment, and telling another person that they cause you to ‘tingle’ is REALLY not pro-social behavior (Caillat, 2007a). I was nine when I first heard this song, and I hated the whimsical, pathetic tone in her voice as she sang it, not to mention the nod to loss of power due to a male, when she sings, “ ‘It starts in my soul, and I lose all control’ ” (Caillat, 2007a). The lyrics, “The rain is fallin ' on my window pane/But we are hidin ' in a

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