How Is Coco Chanel Successful

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Successful individual One of the most widely known Female Fashion designers is Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel.
Gabrielle’s mother passed away at age of thirty one. Her Father could no longer take care of Gabrielle, he handed her to the nuns who ran an orphanage. She stayed at that orphanage until she turned 18 years old. From then on she went and took up work from a local tailor. She laid a lot about her early years. She lied about her mother’s death and lied about her father sailed to America. She also lied about living with two horrible aunts who mistreated her. She never mentioned living in an orphanage with nuns. Many have a different definition of success. I see Success as reaching the goal you have set for yourself, any
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Coco Chanel was quiet a Successful woman. She became the first designer to create loose woman jerseys; traditionally men only wore loose jerseys in the early 1920’s. She created a more relaxed style for woman instead of having to deal with the stiff corseted restricted clothing that was old fashioned and impractical. Chanel became a style icon with her bob haircut and tan placing her of the cutting edge of modern style. In 1922, she launched her fragrance Chanel No. 5, which it still remains popular to this day. In 1925, Chanel launched her signature cardigan jacket, and the following year she was as successful when she launched her little black dress. Both of these items continue to be a staple part of every Chanel collection. In 1954, she took on Christians Dior’s overtly feminine new look. Gabrielle expanded the signature style with pea jackets and bell bottoms for women. Her new collection, got a lot of positive attention from the press in Europe , and it was also a huge hit in the United States. Hollywood stars such as Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly loved her effortlessly stylish boxy cardigan …show more content…
Chanel had to work her way to the top. She did not come from a wealthy family and was not handed her success. Success should be about being genuinely happy and content with life, profession, family and personal life. You can have the money or the fame, but without the significant people in our life that are there that love us and we love back, life would still feel empty. We all need that love and support from someone and are able to share all of our success with. A successful person has no problem in congratulating on others achievements and being happy for their success. Giving another person a hand to those in need, is a great gesture because one knows the struggles that are faced when trying achieve their goal. Listing to someone else’s point of view can also make one in to a better person. Listing by the way they think can also change your perspective in that certain thing you happen to be talking about. You can also learn so much from others point of view. I personally believe that if you are an open minded person, you will achieve more in life. A hard headed person only focus on what they believe and their believes are not always correct. One tends to be more successful when having an open mind to

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