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  • Role Of Islam In Algeria

    religions. One is called the Sunnis and the other, the Shias. The sunnis is known as one of the two main branches of Islam, commonly described as orthodox, and differing from Shia in its understanding of the Sunna and in its acceptance of the first three caliphs. Mainly because of their belief in tradition and how things are run. Meanwhile the Shia is known as the second largest branch of Islam. The Shias consist of fifteen percent of the Islamic population, mainly because they mostly rely on…

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  • Umayyad Great Mosque

    Damascus is the oldest inhabited city in the world. If we take into consideration, as we pointed out earlier, the economic, security, technological, political, and natural factors that prevailed during the time of its erection during the reign of Caliph Al-Walid I, it would be logical not only for the mosque but for any religious building to be erected in the midst of an urban setting. But this necessity is exactly what makes the Umayyad Great Mosque an atypical example of “hiddenness,” mainly…

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  • ISIS: A Threat To The World

    ISIS militants believe what they’re doing is right because it’s their duty as Muslims to declare jihad and establish an Islamic state where the Sharia laws is enforced and led by one supreme religious and political leader, called a caliph. “Sharia law is based on certain teachings of the Quran and requires all people under the caliphate’s “jurisdiction” to abide by the law.”(The Rise of ISIS). Those who fail to obey the sharia laws have to face Punishments such as flogging, stoning…

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  • The Rise Of ISIS

    There are very many reasons why ISIS has been able to spread across the Middle East and why their control and reign is hard to stop. ISIS, though not said very often, is tactically very smart in their choice of where and when to attack. The group has strong leadership including some of the top members of the party that was overthrown in the takedown of the Hussein dictatorship. Over time this group had been oppressed and been outcast by society due to the loss of their party. Another problem is…

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  • Summary: Political Instability In The Middle East

    Even though the middle east has overcame western domination over the past centuries, one can beyond doubt see the political instability that plagues the middle east, and this political irregularity will cause increasing international turmoil. The Middle East is in a very fragile state that one big incident can cause it to shatter like a tray of glasses being bumbed. When this happens it could possible take the rest of the world with it. This political instability all happened because of the…

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  • Amir Nasr My Islam

    There’s many reasons why people join a religion. Some are seeking for forgiveness, others want to find themselves, others because they think it’s the right thing to do, and there’s people like me, who follow a religion because of family. When reading My Islam by Amir Nasr, I felt a connection with him and I do believe that the process of a love affair can be a cycle for Jews, Christians, and Muslims. My grandmother was very religious and she taught me how to be Catholic. I would go to church…

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  • The Abbasid Revolution

    architecture, medicine, mathematics, art and literature. The most effective and prosperous period of the Islamic Civilization era started form the 8th to 13th century and it is called the Golden era of History. The Golden era was during the Abbasid Caliph historical period. The Abbasid was established in Bagdad, capital of Iraq today, the Abbasid dynasty ruled from 750 to 1258 AD. The Abbasid revolution is a significant turning point in the history of Islamic society, resulting from a radical…

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  • Life Along The Silk Road

    Trade Significance As major trade routes advanced throughout history, it helped with the development of societies with the transference of materials, religious beliefs, new inventions, languages, and art across the land. However, an important result from trade routes is the expansion and transfer of religion along with it. Some of the religions benefitting from travel and passing along knowledge and stories were Buddhism, Christianity, and Islamic faith. During the time of the Silk Road,…

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  • Christian And Muslim Views Of Trade Dbq Essay

    Christian and Muslim views of trade were similar in the range of years from 70 CE until about the sixteenth century. While they were similar, Christian views of trade and commerce were a bit more passionately negative while the Muslim views were more neutral. Both religions saw commerce as a negative practice because it questioned honesty and opposed their values. If tradesmen were honest, the ancient Christians and Muslims would have been more open to the idea of trade. There were many who…

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  • John Of Damascus Essay

    John of Damascus was born c. 675- 749 in Damascus under Muslim rule. His father was a Christian believer that was employed by the Caliph. John followed in his father’s footsteps working for the Caliph but eventually became a monk near Jerusalem, where he studied, wrote and preached. Some of John 's writings became the cornerstone for Greek Orthodox theology, however John is most known for the support of icons in the Catholic Church. John held the position of a iconophile, which means icon loving…

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