Essay On Islamic Culture

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For many in todays world it is believe that the Islamic faith has only been around for a few hundred years. In fact, the Islamic religion is perhaps one of the oldest religions on earth. Throughout history the Islamic faith has been tested time and again, and even in todays world is still split between two main groups. However, as time has advanced so has the Islamic culture.
The practice of Islam involved many things, however early on it mainly consisted of “Arabs who were polytheistic, there was a supreme God named Allah (“Arabic for God”) who ruled over other gods. There was no priesthood; all members of the tribe were involved in the practice of the faith.” (Spielvogel, 203) Its was also known by the members of the Islamic faith that their God Allah was symbolized by a sacred stone, and each member had their own individual stone. However, even though each member had their own individual stone all tribes would worship a massive black meteorite, which the members would call “The Black Stone”
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Muhammad did not leave behind any son just daughters so the Islamic community chose his father-in-Law as “caliph”- temporary leader, of the Islamic community” (Spielvogel, 205) As time progresses issues once again arose about the caliph, soon enough a man by the name of Muawiya became in charge and would take no time at all on making his presence known. Muawiya not long after being named leader created the Umayyad dynasty. According to Spielvogel “As one of the first actions, the Umayyads moved the capital of the Muslim empire from Medina to the Damascus in Syria. This internal dissension over the caliphate created a split in Islam between the Shi’ites or those who accepted only the descendants of Ali, Muhammad’s son-in-law, as the true ruler and the Sunnites who claimed that the descendants of the Umayyads were the true caliphs.” (Spielvogel,

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