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  • Pre-Islam And Al-Jahiliyah Age After Islam

    The overarching term or the notion of pre-Islam "Jahiliyah" which some researchers preferred , despite the claims of justification they offered; only deals with determining the temporal dimension of the-mostly-religious standpoints about pre-Islamic era and cannot (To a certain extent) alternatively be done from the scientific or social standpoints . This does not include another indications that Arabs lived in a complete intellectual dimness with no moralities before Islam nor does it indicate…

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  • Islam Is Growing Relatively Fast

    We might think that Christianity is the most popular religion at this point, which is true. Scholars believe that in the mid-21st century Islam will be the largest in the world. Today the numbers are to an astounding 6 million Muslims that believe in Islam religion. Looking ahead to important figures, the geographic stand point, and important timeline events will help us better understand why Islam religion is growing relatively fast. This religion is a monotheistic tradition, which means…

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  • Abduh's Contribution To Modernity Analysis

    this faith community. Yet this umma needed a spiritual authority, the caliph. According to the authors the caliph was the first 'mujtahid' or practitioner of the '' ijtihad ''. He could legitimize reforms in the Islamic world. Taking over European institutions and law, such as the reforms in the Ottoman Empire, was not a solution because they did not sprout from the traditions and customs of the Islamic world. However, the Caliph was bound to consultation, shura , of the umma. He was not…

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  • Post Classical Islam

    Throughout the years of the post classical era, 500 through 1000C.E., the religions Islam and Christianity undoubtedly began to take shape. Although Christianity had already been established since the around 30 C.E., it wasn’t until the post classical era that it became a major religion thoughout western and eastern Europe. (Bentley 233) The Islamic faith on the other hand did not emerge until the year c.610 C.E. and developed as a major religion of the region throughout the time period.…

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  • Importance Of Judicial System In Islam

    they liked . Even if the decision of judiciary comes against them they accept it with due respect . The books of history are full with narrations showing that the judges appointed by the Rightly Guided Caliphs or by the later governors ruled against them . Some times Caliphs knew that what the truthful outcome would be or should be but even of that they allowed the cases to go to the court to set an example of conduct for us . They also do so to test the strength of the appointed…

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  • Son Of Jonah: Summary

    off living under an Islamic rule rather than under say an Eastern Orthodox Christian city much like Constantinople. To him the better life would be in the kinder and more considerate Muslim city of Baghdad where the Jewish are under the hands of the Caliph and are treated fairly. After all he believes that the Jewish are “rich and good, kindly and charitable, and bear their lot with cheerfulness.” (Benjamin, of Tudela, p. 11) and should live under peace and unprejudiced…

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  • Theories Of Al-Ghazali's Theory Of An Islamic State

    Rulers. His political thoughts are based on the concept that there is model of state and its ruler, present in the heavens as Divine Law, which is to be applied in this world without any interference. His theory may have been successful in the era of Caliphs and Imams and Sultans, however, in the modern world his theory isn’t fully applicable. Al-Ghazali says that an Islamic State should be a divine state ruled under the divine laws by a Muslim ruler who must be a lover of Prophet Muhammad…

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  • Why The Rise Of Islam After The Death Of Prophet Muhammad?

    Introduction The rise of Islamic civilization is largely connected to Prophet Muhammad who played a vital role in Islamic religion. Many authors have been obliged to write about historic civilization about Islamic religion. The basis of many writings is to trace the reasons as to why there was a sudden rise of Islam after the death of Prophet Muhammad. However, there has been a lot of debate especially in the media as to why the religion is highly associated with terror activities. In the…

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  • Differences Of Umayyad Fatimid And Idrisid

    In this essay, I am going to assess and analyze between 3 dynasties, namely, Umayyad, Fatimid and Idrisid. By these meant, to make a comparison between these 3 dynasties in term of political, social and economic and the tension arise between Umayyad and Fatimid and what contributed to their decline – however, this will be focusing more on Fatimid and Idrisid while Umayyad as a background. The emergence of Umayyad was when Uthman was killed by mutinous Egyptian troops, therefore his second…

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  • Role Of Islam In Algeria

    religions. One is called the Sunnis and the other, the Shias. The sunnis is known as one of the two main branches of Islam, commonly described as orthodox, and differing from Shia in its understanding of the Sunna and in its acceptance of the first three caliphs. Mainly because of their belief in tradition and how things are run. Meanwhile the Shia is known as the second largest branch of Islam. The Shias consist of fifteen percent of the Islamic population, mainly because they mostly rely on…

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