Calcium carbonate

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  • Mechanical Properties Of Bone Essay

    composite material which is the calcium phosphate in termed of hydroxyapatite that give bone their rigidity…

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  • Osteoporosis Case Studies

    Preventative Measures Preventative measures for osteoporosis can include: Supplementing calcium intake or ensuring adequate intake of dietary calcium: calcium plays a vital role in bone maintenance and restoration. Supplementing Vitamin D intake: Vitamin D assists with calcium absorption and is integral in maintaining bone density. Vitamin D is found only in small amounts in certain food, so vitamin D supplements are often necessary…

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  • Osteogenesis Imperfect Research Paper

    Osteogenesis Imperfect is also known as the, “Brittle Bone Disease”. This is an extremely rare disease with less than twenty thousand cases a year. As of today there is no known available cure, but there are treatments available to lessen the symptoms of the disease. This is a chronic illness that can last up to a few months, to lasting a person’s entire lifetime. This is a disease that causes extreme fragility in the bones of a normal person. This could make a person’s life extremely difficult…

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  • Paget's Disease Case Studies

    Hypercalcaemia The abnormally rapid process of bone regeneration associated with Paget's disease can sometimes lead to a build-up of calcium in the blood. This is hypercalcaemia. Hypercalcaemia only occurs in people with Paget's disease who have been confined to bed after having an operation or a fracture. However, even in these circumstances hypercalcaemia is quite rare. Symptoms of hypercalcaemia…

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  • Musculoskeletal System Research Paper

    The musculoskeletal system provides form, support, stability and it is responsible for the movement of the body. The strong protective skeletal layer protects vital organs. For example rib cage protects the heart, kidneys and lungs from any traumatic injury. Bones provide framework that supports and keeps the body from collapsing. It is the major supporting structure of the body. The bone is classified by their shape or structure as cortical bones are dense and compact and cancellous is spongy.…

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  • Medical Surgical Essay

    MEDICAL TERMINOLOGICAL 1. BLADDER CALCULUS – Bladder Calculus is also known as bladder stone and are caused due to building up of minerals in the body. 2. DIFFICULTY IN MICTURITION – Difficulty in micturition is known as difficulty in the discharge of the urine from the bladder. 3. TURD – Trans Urethral Resection of Prostate is a surgery used to treat urinary problems due to an enlarged prostate. 4. BNR – Bladder Neck Reconstruction 5. LSCS – Lower Segment Caesarean section is also called…

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  • Funny Bones Research Paper

    The book The Intelligent Patient's Guide to Osteoporosis defines bone density as the amount of bone mineral, which is primarily calcium, in an area of the bone. Bone density is lost as people age. It has been linked to two thirds of a bone's strength (Sutton 33, 79,189). Bone density correlates to the strength of the bone. It is a concise way to measure this. Without strong bones…

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  • Hip Fractures Case Study

    HuHip Fractures Population at Greatest Risk for Hip Fractures Population at greatest risk for hip fractures is older people with osteoporosis, especially white women. The elderly have weaker bone due to osteoporosis and they are more likely to fall due to conditions such as neurological impairment, impaired vision, poor balance, side effects from medications, institutional living, physical inactivity, and difficulty maneuvering around environmental hazards. After a hip fracture, many are…

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  • Effect Of Calcium On Muscle And Nerve Function

    Calcium is very important for muscle and nerve function. There are two important glands that work to keep the calcium levels within the blood balanced: the thyroid and the parathyroid glands. When the body has low blood calcium levels the parathyroid gland will act and secret PTH which will activate osteoclasts. The osteoclasts will help break down the bone and release the calcium from the bones to the blood stream. While it will also activate vitamin D which will help increase the absorption…

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  • Endochondral Ossification Research Paper

    Endochondral Ossification All osteogenic tissue from the neck down is made by endochondral ossification, with the exception of the clavicles. The model that bone will eventually replace is composed of hyaline cartilage, the most common cartilage, this process tends to be more difficult than intramembranous ossification since all hyaline cartilage most be decomposed as bone tissue is created. Everything begins at the primary ossification center, which is located in the center of diaphysis of the…

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