Bone Scan Case Study

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Bone scans are used to detect abnormalities in the bone due to its uptake in osteoblasts (Ka kit, W. and Morand, P. 2013). Patients who have bone scans are instructed not to adjust their diet prior to having a bone scan. Patients who are already booked for bone scans can be given supplements prior to their scan date and then scanned. Normal bone scans as well as scans of patients who had been on bone supplements which are of a similar body habitus will be given to radiologists who won’t know which scans are of patients who have been on bone supplements and which are of normal patients. The radiologist will rate the quality of the uptake as well as draw ROIs (regions of interest) over areas to compare differences in uptake. If there
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(Okamoto 1995). Kanishi (1993), had observed using a variety of things which included hydroxyapatite powder that Methylene Diphosphonate accumulation is taken up into the bone by chemical adsorption onto the surface of hydroxyapatite in bone as well as incorporation into the crystalline structure of hydroxyapatite. Furthermore he also observed that, there isn’t a correlation between the 99mTc-MDP accumulation and the number of osteoblast like cell …show more content…
Patients that will be excluded will be patients that
- have thyroid problems
- are unfit patients
- are on a stretcher or wheel chair in order to minimise their discomfort and reduce the time they spend in the department filling out a consent form as well as having to have to take bone supplements.
- Patients excluded will also be those patients in which the injection gets tissued (the entire injection isn’t intravenous some are intramuscular).
- Hyperthyroid as well as hypothyroid patients will be excluded from the group due to the role that the thyroid plays with calcium regulation in the body.
Data to be collected: the data that will be collected will be the bone scan images as well as the amount of radioactivity injected and the time the patients are injected as well as the time they are scanned. The data collected will be primary data which will be collected personally while working in the

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