Bone Cyst Essay

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What is an aneurysmal bone cyst? Aneurysmal bone cysts are a type of bone cyst where the bone contains a pocket of blood. These abnormal growths are one of the rarer type of cyst. They can grow anywhere in the body, but they most often affect the pelvis, spine, arms or legs.

What causes aneurysmal bone cyst? As of right now we are not sure what the exact cause of this cyst. These lesions may sometimes occur because of an abnormality in the blood vessels inside of the bones , which develop as a result of a previous injury or a non-cancerous growth.

What age group is usually effected. Aneurysmal bone cysts usually affect individuals who are between the ages of 10 and 20 years old. But women are more affected by this than men. The ages most seen according to scientist is 14 through 16.

What are some symptoms of having an aneurysmal bone cyst? There are many symptoms that occur when you experience the aneurysmal bone cyst. Some of these symptoms include pain in the area and surrounding area where the cyst has formed. You may also experience swelling depending on where it has grown for example if you have an ABC in your back it may not swell but of you had one in your upper arm swelling may occur. Some others are stiffness, deformity in the area of the growth, the feeling of warmth over the affected area, and
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The lesion must be removed surgically no matter where the growth is. with surgery as the most successful treatment most people do this method. If the cyst isn’t completely removed during the surgery there is still a chance of it reoccurring. There are some cases in which surgery is impossible because of the location of the cyst. This location is when the cyst is on or pressing on the spinal cord. But since you have to have this removed doctors have found a way to do this with radiation even though it is not good for the body you have to get rid of the lesion. This radiation does cause sarcomas every time radiation is

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