Calcium carbonate

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  • Chemistry: Calcium And Magnesium

    Of the most abundant elements together 98 percent of the 8 elements form the mass of the earth’s crust, ocean and atmosphere. Two of the most abundant elements of the eight are calcium and magnesium. Calcium and magnesium are located on the periodic table located both in group 2 sharing the same family meaning that they share chemical property’s as well as the same valence electron because of their location and family relation to the period table. The alkaline metals are a reactive group of…

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  • Osteoblasts In Bone Formation

    during Fetal Development. During the fetal development the first stage of the “bones” is cartilage which resembles bones but is more flexible due to the lack of calcium salts as it develops calcium salts are deposit into it all through until after it is born to life. As a result, the process of gradual replacement of immature bone cells and calcium deposits is called Ossification. 2. What are the roles of Osteoclasts in bone formation? The roles of Osteoclasts in bone formation are as follows,…

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  • Essay On Fibrous Dysplasia

    Fibrous dysplasia is a skeletal disorder in which bone forming cell fail to mature and produce too much fibrous or connective tissue. Fibrous dysplasia is a rare bone disorder in which scar tissue develops in place of normal bone. This can weaken the affected bone and cause it to fracture.Fibrous dysplasia is linked to a gene mutation that affects the cells that produce bone. The mutation occurs after conception, in the early stages of fetal development. Which means the mutation isn't inherited…

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  • Soapy Water Experiment Results

    In the experiment, I tested how soapy water would affect the amount of droplets the penny can hold. The results of my experiment show that the penny holds less droplets of soap water. When the soap is added to the water, the soap collides with water breaking down the tension. As a result, it harder for the droplets to hold together. To find whether my hypothesis was right, I did several of trials to figure out whether my hypothesis was correct. The trials were used to show how soap can change…

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  • Bone Scan Case Study

    also be those patients in which the injection gets tissued (the entire injection isn’t intravenous some are intramuscular). - Hyperthyroid as well as hypothyroid patients will be excluded from the group due to the role that the thyroid plays with calcium regulation in the body. Data to be collected: the data that will be collected will be the bone scan images as well as the amount of radioactivity injected and the time the patients are injected as well as the time they are scanned. The data…

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  • Causes Of Osteoarthritis

    Osteoarthritis is a worldwide chronic condition that has impacted the lives on many people today, causing pain, deformity, and difficulty with daily physical tasks. This chronic condition is, “believed to have a genetic cause or predisposition, and is caused by wear and tear on a joint. The cartilage wears away and exposes the bone.” (Rosdahl and Kowalski, 2006, p.1235) This chronic condition generally targets individuals with obesity and it is most commonly found among women. The…

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  • Bunion Research Paper

    Have you seen that bony lump at the inside of your big toe joint? If you did, you are most likely to have a bunion. This enlargement is actually a misalignment of your big toe joint, which can have additional bone formation in some cases. Such misalignment makes your big toe to point outward going to your small toes. Bunion, or medically termed as hallux valgus, is a progressive condition that worsens over time. There is a less common bunion called bunionette or tailor's bunion, which is…

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  • Mandible Fracture Essay

    Fracture is defined as a discontinuity of the bone [1]. Oral and maxillofacial surgeon treats traumatic injuries. Most of the traumatic injuries are comprised of Mandibullar fractures. The most commonly fracture site in the body is the facial area [2, 3] and the most frequent site in the facial area is mandible [4, 5]. As facial area is without protective covering and the mandible is the most protruded bone this area. The occurrence of injuries in the facial area tends to be high in the facial…

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  • Pilocarpine, Atropine Sulfate

    The different chemicals that were used in this experiment were Pilocarpine, Atropine Sulfate, Epinephrine, Digitals, Potassium, Sodium, and calcium ion concertation. Pilocarpine stimulates the effect of parasympathetic nerve stimulation by enhancing acetylcholine release. Atropine Sulfate is a drug that blocks the effect of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine which is liberated by the parasympathetic nerve endings. Cardiac muscle and skeletal muscle are both different in functionally and in fine…

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  • Bone Metastasis Research Paper

    ○ Headache. ○ Dizziness. • Back or neck pain with numbness or weakness, especially if you have bone metastasis in your spine. • High levels of calcium in your blood (hypercalcemia). When bone is destroyed, calcium is released in your blood. Symptoms of hypercalcemia include: ○ Constipation. ○ Thirst. ○ Nausea. ○ Sleepiness. DIAGNOSIS This condition may be diagnosed based on: • Your symptoms and medical history…

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