Calcium carbonate

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  • 4-Dihydropyridine Synthesis Lab Report

    The major factor that allows calcium channel blockers to be effective are ethyl groups at the 3 and 5 position, and cyclic substituents on the 4 position. Furthermore, it was found that electronegativity has no effect on blocking ability; as a result, electron donating and withdrawing…

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  • Nifedipine Case Studies

    Nifedipine Nifedipine is a common drug used to treat a variety of disorders from hypertension and angina to preventing premature labour in pregnancy (Aedla, N, et al. 2012). It originated in the early 1970’s from the works of Bayer, who developed the short-acting formulation that proved to be successful in controlling high blood pressure, however due to its side effects, was modified to a long-acting formula which produced fewer side effects and is commonly used in modern obstetric practice…

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  • Beaker Experiment

    volume ratio. Each granule had a high surface area to volume ratio and each powder had a very high ratio. The reason why the difference between the granules and the powder was not a lot was because each granule was pretty flat, and quite a lot of calcium carbonate molecules were accessible by the hydrochloric acid. If the granules had been less flat, the difference would be higher. The graph of the powder shows how a lot of gas produced in…

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  • Limiting Reactant Lab Report

    how the amounts of sodium carbonate and calcium chloride affect the chemical reaction made: calcium carbonate. Introduction: This lab was to show the relationship between reactants and products. In this case, we used calcium chloride and sodium carbonate. This made a chemical reaction and eventually formed calcium carbonate. The goal of this lab was to determine how the amounts of sodium carbonate and calcium chloride change or affect the amount of calcium carbonate formed after the…

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  • Eggshell Egg Case Study

    Eggshell from Gallus Gallus Domesticus as an Additive Ingredient in Making Calcium-Rich Cookies Ken R. Soto, Alyssa Jhayne E. Del Rosario, Harlene S. Rinos Caloocan National Science and Technology High School, Congress Road, Bagumbong, Caloocan City Introduction Eggshells have the most significant role as a component of an egg. It serves as the protection of the inner extremities of an egg such as the albumen, chalazae, the yolk, and the vitelline membrane. However, people dispose it without…

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  • Ocean Ocidification

    widespread problem facing many marine ecosystems with the growing emissions of CO2 into the atmosphere. It the coral, shell forming organisms and some phytoplankton in these ecosystems that are of the most concern with rising CO2 levels due the calcium carbonate that forms their exoskeletons and shells. The acidification of the ocean creates inadequate pH levels for the marine ecosystems. It is the coral polyps that are of the highest degree of interest as to their reactions to the acidification…

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  • Effect Of Co2 On Ocean Acidification

    life and it is being absorbed by the ocean. Currently, the ocean is absorbing one-third of CO2 that has been admitted into the atmosphere. This lowers the amount of calcium carbonate in the seawater and without calcium carbonate, coral reef can’t grow. The acidification will impact many marine life directly that use calcium carbonate such as planktonic coccolithophores and other molluscs, corals, and coralline algae.…

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  • Ocean Acidification Essay

    Increased ocean acidification isn’t the only thing affecting the ocean, but it is very problematic because it erodes aragonite which is a mineral of calcium carbonate. In other words it kills corals and causes the hard exoskeleton to erode. Action needs to be taken to ensure the survival of corals and the creatures that rely on coral reefs to survive. Coral reefs are sources of food for millions of people, but also are sources of medicines. As coral reefs disappear so do the organisms that are…

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  • Precipitation Reactions Lab Report

    reacted to form barium nitrate and silver chloride. The precipitate at station one was silver chloride. Both reactions at station two did not react. Station three had a reaction occur between sodium carbonate and calcium sulfate forming sodium sulfate and calcium carbonate. The precipitate was calcium carbonate. Station four formed a…

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  • Ocean Acidification: The Chemical Composition Of Ocean Water

    sensitive to environmental conditions in these younger stages.6 Some organisms start calcifying during these phases, so they are going to have to rely on another form During these phases of calcification, they will have to use a more soluble form of calcium carbonate than the one that is used in as an adult.6 Some of the animals have a slow development during their initial stage. There is even a high death rate because of the exposure to the acidified…

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