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  • Reflection On Literary Explorations

    Literary Explorations 1, a class that all sophomores are required to take during their first semester, has been a very beneficial class for me. Over the course of LE 1, I feel that I have developed as a writer and as a critical thinker when analyzing works of literature ranging from songs to short stories to speeches. I have gained valuable insight throughout the semester by learning about rhetorical devices, the rhetorical triangle, and the many aspects of writing. However, LE1 has also shown…

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  • Our Semi-Illiterate Youth? Not So Fast Analysis

    Not Dumb Just Different Is technology making us dumber? When social media users abbreviate or utilize “slang” does it instantly qualify an individual as being lazy, illiterate, or unintelligent? One of the major misconceptions about technology is that it distracts individuals from actually learning. That the use of social media is creating a generation of users who lack grammar or proper sentence structure. In her article “Our Semi-Literate Youth? Not So Fast?” Andrea Lunsford sheds some…

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  • The Writing Revolution Analysis

    In Peg Tyre’s article, The Writing Revolution, Tyre analyzes the quality of education in a New York high school and discovers the problem with education in today’s society. New Dorp High School on Staten Island was known for their reputation for poor education, low graduation rate, and high drop out rate. In spring of 2007 four of every ten students starting as a freshmen dropped out from New Dorp (Tyre, 1; 2012). After discussion between the principal and the faculty the staff concluded that…

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  • What Role Does Music Play In Writing

    another. Although, what is the role that music plays in the writing process? Is it good or bad or is it neither? Even with a strict outline in one’s hand, music might squeeze its way into that outline without even being reconsidered. But, what is music? Music consists of sounds, silence, words, chorus, rhythms and beats and even an individual singing, in which you might share some type of connection with. Music might help in the process of someone writing by allowing them to focus or even given…

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  • Reflective Essay Process: 3 Steps To My Writing Process

    I did not have a writing process; I just write what came to me. But when I was reading the text book I was starting to realize that my writing process was like a lot of peoples writing process. The writing process that the text book describes is easy to follow, it gives you 1,2,3 steps so you don’t get lost when you start to write. When it comes to comparing my writing process to my text books writing process we have a lot in common for example, if you have ideas it says to…

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  • Joshua Davis Reflection

    During this semester, I have completed a lot of RRj for the Spare Part by Joshua Davis, and it is an unforgettable since I have learned a lot. In the reading, I deeply understand more about how teenager in a poor neighborhood trying to achieve their goal. In the book few of the characters make me feel that are related to my personal life. For example, Fredi, teacher of the other characters, is helping his student to accomplish the goal of winning the competition. I feel I am related since my…

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  • Things I Learned In Summer School

    People throughout the world learn new things from day to day whether it is something big or something small. I learned three new things while I spent my time in summer school. Some of the things people learn can be good or bad depending on what it was and what kind of person you are. The three things I want to tell you about is that I can improve myself in anything if I give enough effort. Finishing school with no failing class is a good idea. And also summer school can seem like it takes a lot…

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  • My In-Class Reflection

    For my portfolio, I compiled my best writing pieces from this class into one folder. I chose which works were the best not based on grade alone, but on how they represent my writing style and how it has evolved and progressed throughout the course of this semester. I chose one timed, 500 word, in-class essay, my best personal essay, my best out-of-class essay with MLA documentation, and my best paper with an annotated bibliography. In this short essay I will explain why each of these represent…

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  • Industrial Workers During The Gilded Age

    The government’s first attempt to regulate business was with the creation of the Interstate Commerce Commission; however, a problem with this was that the states, people, and especially workers that were directly affected by the monstrous railroad companies lost their input on controlling them. The…

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  • English 101 Reflective Essay

    After finishing the English 101 course I feel like I have accomplished many of the goals that I was challenged with the beginning of the course, such as critically thinking and reading with text from the textbook “Dialogues” by Gary Goshgarian, substantively replying to my peers to understand their point of views from the text and to get a better understanding of a rhetorical argument. Thinking and reading critically were very important this whole course. Thinking and reading critically were…

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