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  • The Flat Character In William Shakespeare's Othello

    Characters, as defined by Forster (2010:102), are not real people, but they become alive and interesting as good authors make them act and speak. Whereas flat character does not surprise us with their actions (Foster, 2010:102). Extraordinary masters of writing manage to create unforgettable characters (Gerrig & Allbritton, 1990:382). We meet such characters in the work of Bolt, Shakespeare and Coetzee. Bolt’s play born the existential hero of Sir Thomas More, the Lord Chancellor to King Henry…

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  • Smart Goals In Criminal Justice

    Prior to being enrolled in this class, I had never heard of SMART Goals before. After watching the video, I sat at my desk and thought about setting a good goal for me. I have to admit, I have never been good at setting goals for myself. It might be because I don’t like to set myself up for failure, or that I tend to stick with things that come easy to me. After multiple attempts of filling out the SMART Goals Worksheet, I decided that I would set a goal that could further my career in law…

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  • Examples Of Creative Essays

    Name Student Number Course Tutor Date Final Portfolio SECTION A: ESSAY: SELF-CRITIQUE I am Fajer Al-Abdulhadi. I would like to say that in this creative writing course, I have come to like writing stories. I love poems, and I like imagining their meanings, but I think they are not easy to write. When it comes to choosing topics, I would say that it does not matter to me. I think I can handle any topic in short story writing. I only need to think of an event, what I had seen or experienced…

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  • The Importance Of A Writer's Workshop

    students’ overall fluency in writing through repeated, continuous exposure to the many different processes of writing. There is no limitation for teachers when looking to introduce this concept to the students within the classroom; however, this type of process mainly begins in kindergarten. Teachers can also implement these types of strategies contained within writer’s workshop in whole or in part classroom settings, depending on individual and class circumstances. The arching goal is to assist…

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  • Embrace Your Kinks And Your Curls By Jerone Hunkins

    Jerone Hunkins, a first year student, attends the University of St. Martin and is currently obtaining an Associate’s Degree in General Liberal Arts. In the English Composition II course, she has learnt how to write various essays such as the Beliefs and Values, Argumentative, Art Critique Essay. She learned when it is appropriate to be objective and subjective, how to write an essay without using personal pronouns and how to critique her peer’s essay bearing in mind that people have different…

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  • Compare And Contrast Oryx And Crake

    The peer review I received prompted me to rethink and revise the arguments I make in my essay. The reviewer didn’t find anything inherently wrong with my arguments, she just advised I could maybe expand on some of the evidence I used to support my claims. I took her advice and tried to elaborate on my ideas in hopes of better supporting my essay. Essay 2 Margaret Atwood uses Oryx and Crake to illustrate the horrifying future of what society can turn into if we continue to ignore the planet’s…

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  • English 1022 Reflection

    In this paper I will divulge how I “have achieved the goals of the course.” The goals of this course, English 1020, were to attain the learning outcomes of research, reading, writing, and reflection, in order to further better ourselves as writers, but also to prepare us for future writing situations. Projects such as the rhetorical analysis, the research argumentative essay, the social media project, the reflections, as well as this current reflective essay were centered around these learning…

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  • My Reflective Essay On My English Class

    English has always been one of my least favorite subjects in life. In high school, I thought I was a descent writer because I passed my proficiency within my first try. But my first year in college I realized I suck at writing essay. What I thought I knew was far from what I needed to know to write a good standard college paper. This semester I took my second college English class, and I feel more confidence in writing. As I Reflecting to what I have achieve within my English 102 class I can say…

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  • Racial Discrimination In Denny's Restaurant

    Just like every Saturday afternoon, my mother and I went to a Friendly’s after recreational baseball games. Unlike getting our normal outgoing, spontaneous, comradely waitress, my mother and I got a rude, crude elderly Caucasian women as our server. That day was the last day I ever stepped foot inside of a Friendly’s restaurant. We received the worst service that you could ever imagine. My mother and I had been treated as if we were second-class citizens and the thought of that experience makes…

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  • Reflective Essay About My Writing Process

    I believe my writing process has improved over the last 4 months. Through both English 105 and English 106 I have greatly improved my writing ability starting with the “freewriting” process that allows me to get everything I am thinking down on paper in broad strokes. I usually try to do this at least twice during the first part of the weekly assignments. Once I feel I have focused my core message, I usually outline how I want the writing to transition, and what are the reasons or beliefs that…

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