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  • Why Students Should Read The Odyssey Analysis

    Why Students should Read the Odyssey The Article “Why You Might Want To Read The Odyssey” by Stephen Mitchell, and “A View Of The Odyssey” by Anna Blake explains why people might read the Odyssey on people's own time, or if it's important for students out of school. These articles explain the Excitement of the Odyssey, and bring Self-identity to a full. It opens up an entire story of how this man went through so much, and still managed to get home. The story of odysseus has many reasons,…

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  • Essay On Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon

    I was just a teenager when I first saw the movie Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon. I had never seen a film like it before and it captured my imagination and gave me a new found respect for foreign cinema. It has been about sixteen years since Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon came out in British cinemas and now it is back in a big way with a new film called Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon: Sword of Destiny coming out on Netflix in February. Alongside the film release, we are also being treated to the…

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  • Deborah Dean's 'Strategic Writing': Chapter Two Response

    Strategic Writing Chapter Two Response In chapter two of Strategic Writing, Deborah Dean writes that successful writing is only accomplished with inquiry (23). Dean argues that we need to push students to investigate new ideas, rather than rely on what they already know (24). A big idea Dean tackles is that our knowledge comes from our experiences (23). Dean suggests supplying students with ample experiences in the classroom to build knowledge (25). When students are more knowledgeable, their…

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  • Comparison Of Woody Guthrie And John Steinbeck's Grammar

    The two areas I felt confidently on were my comparisons of Woody Guthrie and John Steinbeck and my grammar. The reasons Guthrie and Steinbeck were similar were solid and cohesive. It was a different topic than any of the examples and I wanted to present an idea that was not hackneyed. There was an abundance of material that proved their similarities that I could explain. My grammar was also accurate and I feel it made the essay polished. It also gives off the impression that I take serious…

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  • The Giver Response Essay

    One of the many things that our group enjoyed in The Giver, by Lois Lowry, was the intriguing society where it takes place. We liked reading about the customs, laws, and rules, such as their policies on precision of language. It was interesting for us to hear about how it was focused on in lessons.In fact, lessons were interrupted to focus on precision of language. A book is always more interesting when it takes place in an interesting setting. The society in this novel was very intriguing in…

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  • Romeo And Juliet Journal Analysis

    Obviously, in Freshman Survey we read Romeo and Juliet. Throughout the entire story, I was always thinking about different interpretations of things and how I figured Romeo thought, acted, and who he was as a person. I didn’t want to do the traditional 5 scene, movie, drawing, or anything else that many people were doing. I wanted it to be unique. Also, I really enjoy trying to relate to characters and understanding how characters/real people think. Considering everything I just stated, I think…

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  • What Role Has Writing Played In Your Life

    In this Writer’s Journal, you will have the opportunity to explore your relationship to writing, your writing practices, and how this relationship might change in the course of this class. To help you in this reflection, please respond to the following questions: • What role has writing played in your life? Describe your relationship to writing and language. Since very young, the tendency to write was evident in my life. At the age of 10, I was already trying to write small stories and poems in…

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  • Examples Of Media Bias

    I chose these four lessons as I believe they demonstrate the most growth and provide variety within my portfolio. The speech in which I put myself in John F. Kennedy’s position was especially interesting to write, because although it was outside of my comfort level, I was given the opportunity to identify and write as somebody completely different from myself— someone in a position so powerful that a nation depends on him. In contrast, the letter in lesson nine is written from the perspective of…

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  • Writing Course Reflection

    Here at UCI, I have taken many writing courses before this class such as AC Eng. 20B, AC Eng. 20C, AC Eng. 20D, AC Eng. 28, Writing 39A, and Writing 39B. Writing has always been my biggest fear and it is something that I have the most difficulty doing it because English is not my first language that I have learned in my life. In addition, I never had any problem communicating with people, but when it comes to writing, I always have to go through a lot of struggles to put them into words because…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Experiences As A Writer

    first. I had problems with spelling. But now I feel like it’s easy. Feedback is hugely important for my writing. Having someone read over my writing can highlight the issues and help me to clean up my work. One thing I experimented with a lot is the process of brainstorming and outlining also with reflections and critical…

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