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  • The Importance Of Adventure Waits

    made arrangements to fly to Bangkok. My first ticket to Bangkok cost just $200.
The company tells you the time to arrive at the airport, where to meet their representative, the departure time and the return date and time. Missing an appointment meant blacklisting you from traveling with their company in the future and the forfeiture of your ticket. Flying as a courier was a good gig so avoiding any screw-up was in my best interest. 
In the next year, I traveled to Bangkok four more times, once…

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  • Veganerie: Marketing Management Poster

    Marketing Management Poster 1. Veganerie is inspired by the Vegan lover who aim to share the vegan eating experiences and hope to create healthy cuisine for our customers (Veganeire 2017). The name represent the word between “Vegetarian and Scenery” to build the place for people for experience healthy food and bakery with modern luxurious design in the café and high quality of foods and services. Veganerie is positioning to serve a Vegan lifestyle by providing a cuisines based on…

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  • Manoon Mukpradith Analysis

    Thai-born members of the Sikh community in Bangkok, who came in groups and expressed their feeling for His Majesty in the same way as other local Thai people. A few days ago, the Bhutanese Ambassador, who took his diplomatic duty in Bangkok for only 4 months, came to sign the get-well book and present the bouquet of flowers from the King of Bhutan, King Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck, the young king who is quite popular among Thai people while he was in Bangkok several times during the past few…

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  • Singlobal Case Study

    through was selected as a hub and passengers will take on routes that planes direct out of the hub through spoke. In this strategy, the airline decided to set up its’ base in Bangkok, Thailand and expanded its’ route to all neighbouring countries. The “hub-and-spoke”…

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  • The Importance Of Tourism In Singapore

    Tourism is one of the fundamental sector that contributes to every country’s economy. Singapore, as a developed country, have witnessed the nation’s tremendous growth in terms of its tourism attractiveness and competitiveness. The evolution from a chaotic fishing village to a popular tourism hub in Asia. The tourist arrival numbers has been increasing yearly from 9 million to 15 million since the introduction of the Integrated Resorts as reported by Singapore Tourism Board (STB). Thailand, a…

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  • Personal Narrative: The Texan

    The Texan “Texas is neither southern nor western. Texas is Texas.”
William Blakley, U.S. Senator *** When I first arrived in Thailand, I entered the country without a visa, staying for 30 days and then paying immigration to extend my stay for another 15 days. Once the fifteen-day extension expired, I left the country to start the process all over again. The majority of the time, I took a bus to the border, crossed into Cambodia, and then turned right back around and re-entered Thailand. After…

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  • St. Pucchi Case Study

    Pucchi—A Lifetime and A Chance. Out of the blue, a colleague from the US calls Rani and Vikram at their Bangkok store and asks if they 'd like to show some of their original clothing styles at a fashion show in Dallas. Rani knows this is what she 's been praying for and in the States she will be able to escape with her children. With her fanatical and obsessive husband in leaving her in Bangkok as he lives in Dallas, Rani designs 16 original, delicate and exquisite silk bridal gowns in colors…

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  • Case Analysis: Boiling Crab Vs. Kickin Crab

    According to appendix 1, the Boiling Crab’s menu has a limited number of foods and beverages, so the existing customers may feel bored after eating them for many time. Therefore, I think the owner should add a seasonal menu to draw the attention of these customers. To illustrate, the Boiling Crab should have drinks with the special dish during spring, summer, fall, and winter. In summer, the fresh coconut juice imports from Thailand, and the seafood with special sauce comes from Vietnam.…

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  • The Importance Of The ASEAN Way

    “informality, “non-interference” in domestic matters of other countries, and consensus-building among members (Koga, 2010). The principle is the original core foundation of the relationship between ASEAN Member States, and was first lined out in the Bangkok Declaration, issued in 1976, developed as a conflict management of mechanism. The principle is seen as mean for ASEAN Member States to maintain their autonomy as a nation. While the principle of non-interference is a common principle used…

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  • Home Observation Report

    On November 10, 2015, I went to an orphanage in Bangkok with my mom. We donated my clothes, books, and toys. We also bought art materials, more toys, and more clothes for the children. I played with the kids, entertained them, feed them, and saw their life routine. As I get to see their lives, I reflect on my life quality. I have more opportunities: to have a better education, buy fancy clothes, buy electronic devices, and travel worldwide. I am aware of the large gap between the rich and poor…

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