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  • Personal Statement: Task Oriented Leadership Style

    Everyone has a different Leadership styles. It depends on how they provide direction, implement plans, and motivate people. Those leaders who are very much concerned with completing the task at hand are Task-oriented leaders. My characteristic in term of leadership style is suitable for People-oriented leadership style. This style definitely differs from Task-oriented leaders. People-orientation leaders concern much about how they are supporting, motivating and developing the people on their…

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  • Kamakura Research Paper

    Asia is home to many extravagant religious statues. From Japan to Bangkok, to the far away Lantau Island in Hong Kong; each historical landmark represents what once was a triumphant feat. These giant artistic and religious symbols of Great Buddhas have all made an impact not only in the past, but remain a cultural icon for many of the individuals who live near it today. The Great Buddha of Kamakura sits outdoors in the green lands of Kamakura, Japan. Specifically, it is located “in the…

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  • Case Study: Ikea

    Ikea Background Ikea the Swedish home furniture based Delft, Netherlands the world’s largest furniture retailer. Ikea main concept is based on delivering a well-designed home furnishings products at low price as many people as possible, this concept contributed to help more people that could not afford expensive designed products. John Dunning approach John Dunning approach was conducted study on how FDI motives multinational companies to take advantages where he introduces four different type…

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  • Tourist Waste In Mazandaria

    Table 5 lists the components of tourists' waste in Mazandaran province. Based on the table, the highest and lowest components were PET and ferrous metals respectively. Table 6 shows per-capita weight of tourists' waste in different cities of Mazandaran. As it can be seen, the per-capita waste produced by tourists is 633 to688 gr per day. According to studies conducted in Mazandaran province, the per-capita waste of citizens is between 685 to 896 gr per day in this province [34]. So, the…

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  • King Bhumibol Adulyadej Case Study

    Introduction Being the direct grandson of His Majesty King Chulalongkorn, King Rama V, King Bhumibol's ascension to the throne was predictable. On May 5th, 1950, at his coronation, His Majesty King Bhumibol Adulyadej, or King Rama IX of Chakri Dynasty declared the Oath of Accession, ‘we shall reign with righteousness, for the benefits and happiness of the Siamese people’ was the promise he made to Siamese people. His Majesty had a choice to stay in his luxurious palace but he chose not to.…

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  • Nike Pest Analysis Essay

    The US government department has always makes helpful policies that help out any multinational company to achieve their targets internationally. Many of Nike units are established in Asian countries like China, Indonesia, and Bangkok etc. The political un stain ability in Bangkok past few years was a major…

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  • Western Imperialism In Thailand

    Even though during the reign of King Vajiravudh (1910-1925), the country was the only independent country in the region that did not suffer from the demands for territory or other concessions. However, in reality Siam sovereignty suffered from encroachment, violations and limitations imposed on the country by Western imperialism since the middle of nineteenth century as a result of the Bowring Treaty in 1855. Some of the articles in the treaty allowed foreign countries free trade with only 3…

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  • Character Analysis: From Saraburi To Cary

    From Saraburi to Cary Despite how interconnected the world feels due to the startling rate of technological and social advancements, the understanding of how other countries operate on a normal day to day basis tends to be lacking. However, having a simple conversation can be all that is needed to help elucidate this. Chomnapat "Fon" Imtanacanich, a young woman from Thailand, was full of laughs; even her more serious moments felt relaxed. Within two short hours, Fon's experiences were able to…

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  • Road To Mandalay Analysis

    The country image will be damaged by transnational human trafficking. Most of the immigrants come from families which lack money, and they hope to receive a lot of income in Bangkok and its peripheral provinces. However, some job agencies require unreasonable cost from them. It is possible that some employers might want to skip the legal procedure to recruit foreigners quickly. In fact, they need to think carefully whether they…

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  • Seikan Tunnel Research Paper

    The Japanese company manufactured the longest bra in September, 1990. The bra has an under-burst measurement of 24m (78ft 8 in) and 28m (91ft 10in) for its bust measurement. Tunnel Image source The Seikan Tunnel (as shown above) between Japan’s Honshu and Hokkaido Islands is currently considered as the world’s longest tunnel with its measurement of 53, 850m in length. However, by 2010, with the opening of the tunnel called Gotthard Base in Switzerland, Seikan Tunnel will be placed the second…

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