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  • Case Study Of Voyages Maldives

    employees to meet the essential number targeted 4. Providing all the basic trainings as well as other professional training to all the employees 5. Finish off all the documents and agreements required for the employees to send abroad to Sri Lanka, Bangkok and Singapore for their further professional studies 6. Visits to conferences and fairs as well as face to face formal meetings with the European operators. 7. Implementing the manual attendance recording system to automated recording system.…

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  • Essay On Sex Trafficking

    For years sex trafficking and child labor has happened in the World. Sex trafficking is a form of modern slavery that exists globally. Sex traffickers use violence, threats, lies, and debt bondage to force women, men, and children to engage in sex against their will. Human trafficking is the illegal movement of people, typically for the purposes of forced labor and commercial sexual exploitation. Child labor is the use of children in industries or businesses, especially when illegal or…

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  • Cathay Pi Case Study

    increased of 2.4% while the load factor grew to 82.2%. Flights to Japan has been increased due to the strong demand as the currency of Japan, yen has depreciated nearly 18 percent. Furthermore, Cathay Pacific has added more capacity to routes such as Bangkok, Chiang Mai, London and Frankfurt. Besides that, this international airline invested heavily in its cargo operation. Cathay Pacific Cargo operates a fleet of more than 20 aircrafts to over 40 destinations in 5 continents. The $5.5 billion…

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  • Do Video Games Cause Violent Behavior

    World Health Organisation (WHO) give definition is in general of violent is the cause damage to life and property. It may be form to a natural disaster or human so violent behaviour is behaviour use the power to control or coercion others such as the fear of assault, rape and torture, psychological, emotional expression disorder. Mostly attitude in adult society have viewpoint about gamer to play violent game is social problem from happening in news about boy imitate GTA 5 (Grand Theft Auto V)…

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  • Essay About Transgender

    Is baby a boy or a girl? Is the new student a boy or a girl? Is the new president a male or female? Those questions are spread out from everywhere around the world. When something happen the first thing that people are most curious, is the gender. People always give priority to sex but they forget one; it doesn’t have only two gender; every career, every place, every area probably have one or more third gender. The third gender a sex that many people familiar as a gay, trans woman, tomboy, lady…

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  • Example Of Collaborative Leadership

    The advantage of a collaboration helps companies make more profit, reduce costs of operations and improve performances. For example, in airlines business, one flight from Bangkok to Hong Kong, they may combine three airlines in one route. It is a strategy to reduce cost of cabin crew, fuel and operation. From this lesson, it helps me to understand that business cannot work alone. It should have partners in the business, should…

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  • Compare And Contrast Thailan Shutter And American Shutter

    When Hollywood stepped into the new millennium, it looked like Hollywood had a difficulty of making a new original movie. They has been keeping making sequels and remake old movies. To be more specific of this topic, Hollywood loves to remake Asian Horror films. They bought countless of Asian horror films, and turned them in to Hollywood style, such as the first Thai turned Hollywood, Shutter. Thai Shutter is one of the most successful Thai movie of all time. American Shutter, on another hand,…

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  • Analysis Of Mr. Hofstede's Six-Cultural Preferences

    Introduction Companies looking to expand their business into other counties need to look at just more than the six cultural preferences explained by Mr. Hofstede. Being able to conduct business in a foreign country goes deeper and requires a thorough understanding of the country’s economy, labor force, tax, and so on. By using the six-cultural preferences Hofstede (n.d.) does assist an organization in determining some of the challenges they will face regarding, individualism, or maybe…

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  • The Burmese Military Rule: Two Phases Of The Burmese Military Rule

    ministries while the Ministry of Defence use 40 per cent (see CRPP, 2000). The money allocated to education is only 0.5 per cent of the Gross National Product compared to an average of 2.7 per cent in other Southeast Asian Countries (source: AFP Bangkok August 22,…

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  • Sodium Glutamate Research Paper

    Mono Sodium Glutamate History: Monosodium glutamate, Most Commonly Called as MSG, is a Sodium Salt (C5H8NNaO4) of the Nonessential amino chemical p and glutamic acid. MSG used as flavour enhancer. it is previously formed by Wheat germs, Which may have 25% glutamic acid, but Coming from mid 1960s it is made by bacteria fermentation of carbohydrates. Seaweed also rich in glutamic acidity and the seaweed remove have flavour boosting properties from the past which is very use full. In 19012…

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