Back to the Future Part II

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  • John F Kennedy Inaugural Address Analysis

    historical setting has changed, the relevance of what is considered one of the most iconic lines in John F. Kennedy’s Inaugural Address, can be applied throughout history and future generations to come. At a time where Americans faced the threats of the Cold War, the horrors of the Vietnam War, and the aftermath of World War II, the significance of implanting a sense of proud patriotism into the lives of the American people had reached an all-time high. In his Inaugural Address John F. Kennedy…

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  • Building Rapport Essay

    experience your personality creates B. Establish and Build Rapport i. When requesting and confirming information with the caller ii. Discussing the caller’s goals and probing iii. While offering the upsells C. Share your personal experiences or use someone else’s that relates to the caller’s goals i. Demonstrate an understanding of Beachbody’s programs and supplements ii. Become comfortable with the customer to challenge their objections iii. Relate to the caller’s personal objectives and …

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  • Annihilation Jeff Vandermeer Analysis

    399-401). Though Shakespeare could not have thought about, we can find a surprising link with Jeff Vandermeer’s Annihilation and Timothy Morton’s Hyperobject. Hyperobjects, described as “melting mirrors” that “they leak everywhere (and) they undulate back and forth, oozing spacetime all around them” (153), are in any form of the tempest controlled by magic, the strange ecological system-- Area X, and the sea-change outside the bottle, tends to turn human into “something rich and strange”, which…

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  • Romeo And Juliet Act 1 Analysis

    found in the beginning of this story. When Romeo is first introduced in the book, he is coping with the pain of a broken heart from the conclusion of his previous relationship in which he was so deeply in love with another girl who did not love him back. Romeo, saddened by the thought of love, describes the pernicious disease as “a madness most discreet,”. Romeo clearly struggling to find love in any of his relationships can only defy love as the most wonderful dream of all that will never come…

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  • Three Important Reasons For The Crusades

    Three important reasons for the crusades were to acquire the Holy Land, salvation, and religion. The crusades were a series of wars fought between Muslims and Christians. It all started with the Christians being banned from Jerusalem and Pope Urban II talking people into war. Jerusalem is a very sacred ground for both Christians and Muslims, therefore it is important for all followers of these religions to visit at least once. The Christians before being banned, had to pay fees to get into…

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  • Effects Of Ww2 On Australian Society

    During World War II every country in the world was impacted socially, financially and politically. However, developments and events during the war would have lasting effects on the world and in Australia it set in motion forces which would significantly change many aspects of Australian society. In Europe/North Africa the war was fought between September 1939 and May 1945 and was caused by the invasion of Poland by Germany. When Japan bombed Pearl Harbour on 7 December 1941 and commenced its…

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  • Most Important Events In History

    If we take a step back and look at the world around us, we can’t help but wonder how we got here. With a world consumed on progress and moving towards the future, it is incredibly important to look back to the past as well. History allows us to not just learn from past mistakes, but through its understanding, better understand the world around us today. There have been countless events in history that have subtly or greatly changed the world around us and the least we can do is take the time to…

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  • How Did George Marshall Influence The American Economy

    from 1940 to 1945. This man who is communicated so remarkably of, is known by as George Catlett Marshall. After the antipathy of World War II had passed through the world, many nations are left with gaping holes in their economies. George Marshall brought upon a plan that would help to distinguish any problems that had arisen through the turmoil of World War II. George Marshall had such an influence on the European economy. Such influences had come from the facts that George Marshall was the…

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  • Historical Trials In Richard II

    Historical Trials in Richard II William Shakespeare's Richard II acts as an amalgamation of three forms of trial: trial by ordeal, trial by combat, and trial by jury. Presenting the trial by ordeal in the spirit of its original Latin iudicium Dei, meaning "the truth of God", King Richard II offers himself an extension of God-ruling through divine right-therefore, creating a variant of an ordeal in his banishment of Henry Bolingbroke (Bartlett 5). Further, Richard II sanctions a trial by combat…

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  • Fdr Hero

    one of the most influential people in history. FDR influenced world history by resolving the Great Depression through the expansion of the American government. Additionally, he changed the course of history by weakening the German forces in World War II and by authorizing the development of nuclear weapons. FDR helped rectify the economic turmoil that came about in the United States during the Great Depression. When FDR was elected president…

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