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  • Queen Mary I: The Role Of Female Monarchs In England

    power to the same extent as their male predecessors. Hence, gender was no longer a part of the decision as to whom would get the crown (Whitelock, 2014). As the first queen, she was also able to change practice and law by establishing that, “a female ruler, married or unmarried, would enjoy identical power and authority to male monarchs” (Whitelock, 2014). This was a major impact of Queen Mary’s rule, and influenced future monarchs. This legislation also allowed females to have better rights in…

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  • The Theory Of Profiling: Organized Vs. Disorganized Offenders

    II. The Process As stated previously, Douglas and Ressler interviewed serial murderers to develop theories and categories of different types of offenders. Most notably, though, is their idea of the organized versus disorganized offender that the main theory of profiling is based on. According to Douglas and Ressler, organized crimes are committed by those who show no remorse and have carefully planned their every move, which is why little evidence is found at the crime scene. In contrast,…

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  • Persuasive Speech Outline On Divorce

    And it’s a never ending story with my parents because they both talk bad about one another even after they haven’t seen each other for years. Preview Main Points Background Information about Divorce Physiological Effects Preventions and Treatments II. Background information about Divorce What’s Divorce ? Divorce is a legal action that ends a marriage between two people. On average it takes about six months in order to declare it official. And the amount…

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  • The Holocaust: The Bystander Effect During The Holocaust

    everyday situations to big events in history. The act of bystanding was a major part of the Holocaust and made significant impacts on the lives of many, by determining the lives and deaths of those targeted for the camps. The terms bystander and upstander closely relate in meaning. Respectively, they are similar because both a bystander and an upstander affect the outcome of a situation but do not directly take part in it. A bystander is a person who is nearby and observes an occurrence and…

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  • What Are The Pros And Cons Of Industrialization In China

    the western mountains block the wind flow. As a result, Beijing is then trapped within its hazy smog levels as air circulation is impeded. But what spreads these pollutants exactly? Well, there are many sources contributing to this dilemma. In many parts of China, coal mining and energy derived from coal are one of the main culprits. It has been rather a necessity in regards to China’s industrialization over the past three decades. Coal is an abundant resource in the region. Another source of…

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  • The Role Of Women In The Early Middle Ages?

    benefit others, Isabella who proved that women could also be vindictive and malevolent, and Eleanor and Aethelflaed who used their wit and intelligence to become effective leaders, who defined a new standard for women around the world, and inspiring future generations to push themselves to new limits, stand up for what they believe in and soar to new heights. These women fulfilled their required roles to an extent that critics and doubters would not have been able to fathom prior to their reign.…

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  • Chronic Pain Management Case Studies

    for fatigue, lack of strength and energy, pain management, and depression. She took a psychotropic medication for depression and anxiety. Education: 8th grade in a foreign country. Work experience: Per “Request for Reinstatement – Title II” (06/23/2015), the claimant reported that she had multiple jobs in the past; some of them lasted a short period. Her jobs included working in a kitchen and home care. Two days a week, she cared for an elderly woman; the rest of the week, she did…

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  • Spread Of Poor Habits: A Personal Analysis

    problems attributed to what they are consuming, or a lack of activity and nutrition in their lives. My hope is to help bring them back to a better, healthier place. So many ailments caused in adolescents by poor eating habits are brushed aside by families in lieu of easier, yet more detrimental, habits. For example, I have invested much of my time in researching childhood type II diabetes. This is such a rampant yet preventable disease, that can be overcome with progressive small changes and…

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  • Examples Of A True Corporatocracy

    A True Corporatocracy A true Corporatocracy happens when the corporate elite controls the power of the government. Fascism was popular in Nazi Germany and Mussolini’s Italy during World War II. It evolved in America in a way that made companies create close ties with government and blurred the line of government and the multinational corporation. Who uses campaign contributions and the division of political groups known as Democrats and Republicans to keep a division helping people believe one…

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  • Gun Control In Canada

    executed during elections and rebellions. The federal government is mainly responsible for guns and gun control in Canada. Legislation covering guns and gun control in Canada consists mainly of Part II of the Criminal Code of Canada and related regulations, and the Firearms Act. The Canadian Firearms Program (CFP), part of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), is responsible for the authority of the Firearms…

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