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To what extent is the Britain of today still shaped by the impact of the Second World War?
The convergence of American, British and Soviet military forces in the defeat of German Nazism in the spring of 1945 ended the European phase of World War Two; the most lethal and destructive war in the history of mankind. After the euphoria of the Allie’s victory over Nazism, three trends emerge that would transform Britain’s position in the world in subsequent years of World War II. SOCIALLY POLITCALLY ECONMOICALLY
The Second World War claimed the lives of approximately 500,000 Brits. However, the death toll of the conflict is likely to be much higher as a study by researchers at the University of Munich has shown that the
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In 1947 Britain gave independence to India and followed by nearly giving up the rest of the empire by 1970 ending in 1997 with the handover of Hong Kong to China. The inability of Britain to maintain its empire made the British people lose a lot of political faith in the government. Great Britain was no longer the world superpower and the sun did set on the British Empire. Britain had to take a back seat behind new world super powers, the United States and the Soviet Union. Although Britain lost its empire, political decisions were made from the legacy of World War II that’s effects are still felt today. Britain was one of the founding members of the United Nations that war formed after WWII to help end all future world wars. After building a close relationship with the United States during WWII, Britain again teamed up with the United States to fight communism in the Soviet Union and North Korea, a battle that is still going on today. Britain may have lost its political world power position after World War II but the legacy of political decisions and alliances that had been built because of WWII are still felt

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