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  • Charles Ponzi's Financial Scheme

    Charles Ponzi Charles Ponzi was to leave his name on any scheme whose success was fostered by quick returns to early investors that were paid by money invested by others later. Ponzi arrived in Boston on November 15, 1903 aboard the SS Vancouver with two dollars and fifty cents in his pocket, having lost his life savings gambling during the voyage. The 5 foot 2 inch alien learned English quickly and spent a few years doing odd jobs, including working as a dishwasher in a restaurant, where he…

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  • Murder At The Margin Analysis

    “Murder at the Margin” starts off with a professor from Harvard University Henry Spearman, who taught economics, him and his wife both, were going on vacation to Cinnamon Bay. While on a ferry that was taking them to the island, they meet an old coworker, Professor Mathew Dyke who teaches theology at Harvard. While the Spearman’s were on the islands they meet different type of people. They met a Supreme Court retiree Justice Foote and his wife. Then Mr. and Mrs. Doakes but Mr. Doakes had a…

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  • The Water Crisis Of California

    1. Hi my name is Taylor and I chose to study the serve water crisis happening in California. This water crisis has a start date of 2012 but in reality has been going on for much longer than that. 2. The drought in California isn’t just a natural disaster but is also a man made one in another critical sense by capitalist governments largely beholden to giant energy cooperation 's refusal to seriously address the issue. Since the states founding in 1850 water policies have never been carried…

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  • Causes Of The Outbreak Of War

    superior unity. […] One day will come when there will be no other battlefields than the markets opening themselves to commerce, and the minds opening themselves to ideas. […] One day will come when […] the bombs will be replaced with the […] venerable arbitrage of a great sovereign Parliament […]. One day will come when we will see these two immense groups, the United States of America and the United States of Europe.” (Brennan and Murray, n.d.)Victor Hugo said this at the Peace Congress…

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  • Issuing Case Study: Corning Inc. Operates In Telecommunication

    The securities are attractively priced at $100. If the value of these securities remains at $106.81, investors could dynamically hedge to capture the $6.81 arbitrage. The biggest threat to investors purchasing this security is the common shareholders/public’s reaction to this issuance. If the market reacts poorly and views the issuance as a bad signal, then the value of Corning’s stock would fall and, in turn…

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  • Gazprom Case Study

    1. Introduction Gazprom is a Russian energy company that is operating worldwide and is a natural gas provider for Russia and for more than 30 other countries. Gazprom was founded in 1989 by restructuring the USSR Gas Industry Ministry (Gazprom, n.d./2015). In the following years, Gazprom became a global company for gas supplies. The company’s share in the global gas reserves is about 17 per cent and the share in the Russian gas reserves makes up 72 per cent (Gazprom, n.d./2015). The company has…

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  • Examples Of Asset Misappropriation

    Asset misappropriation involves the theft or embezzlement or abuse of an asset of a company for personal use at the company’s expense and is often accompanied by false or misleading records or documents to conceal the abuse. One interesting kind of asset misappropriation that peaked my interest are Ponzi schemes, a kind of pyramid scheme involving fraudulent investment ventures. The recession in 2008 serves as an illustration for the omnipresent nature of the scheme: a lengthy list of Ponzi…

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  • CEMEX Case Study Analysis: Ceemex

    Case Study Analysis Name: Institutional affiliation: Date: Issues that need to be corrected or improved CEMEX has made tremendous steps in trying to have a constant improvement in the understanding climate change and the need to address challenges that they face. This understanding of climate change and the human-induced components of climate change were as a result of complex scientific work around the world. The general scientific consensus is that human activities pose major…

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  • Swot Analysis Of Trader Joe's

    Strength 1) Customer loyalty and retention 2) Known brand presence in the united states 3) Leverage existing American expat population and Chinese who 've been exposed to American brands 4) Lack of similar profile competitors in the market (Western Organic/Fresh-Produce Supermarkets) 5) Standardized products and uniformity across all the stores 6) On a sample size of 10 random customers , maximum felt quality and security in terms of hygiene Weakness 1) Overwhelming segment of Chinese…

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  • Three Differences Between Natural Gas Markets

    this makes political sense is debatable—doing so would financially impair many supply nations with whom North American countries participate in a variety of global affairs. Canada and the US are particularly well situated to conduct natural gas arbitrage. Environmental concerns have slowed the development of the Keystone XL pipeline. Left unresolved, natural gas may be reallocated for export to Asia. Conclusions In the West (US and EU), increased market share for NG will be an adjustment to…

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