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  • Case Study: Saudi Arabia Vs. The Globe

    igure 13. Saudi Arabia vs. The Globe (Nelson Complexity Index) Saudi Arabian refineries stand at 6.0, i.e. below the global average of 7.9. The reason for low NCI is because historically Saudi Arabian focus was on upstream business and refineries have been an addition to meet local demand. In the past couple of decades, the demand has grown significantly requiring more complex refineries. Furthermore, Saudi Arabia’s strategic vision to be self-sufficient and net exporter of fuels in the future…

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  • New Jersey Resources Corporation Case Study

    New Jersey Resources Corporation (NYSE:NJR) is an energy services holding company whose principal business is the distribution of natural gas through a regulated utility, and which provides other retail and wholesale energy services to customers and invests in midstream assets. The company was founded in 1922 and is based in Wall, New Jersey. The company has approximately 970 employees, of which 25% are covered by collective bargaining agreements. The Company considers its relationship with…

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  • Personal Finance Case Study Essay

    Part e1. In 1973, Fisher Black and Myron Scholes developed the Black-Scholdes option pricing model (OPM). What assumptions underlie the OPM? Answer. There are several assumptions underlying the OPM. First, the stock underlying the call option provides no dividends or other distributions during the life of the option. Second, there are no transaction costs for buying or selling either the stock or the option. Third, the short-term, risk-free interest rate is known and is constant during the life…

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  • What Is Price Discrimination?

    4). In order for a firm to apply price discrimination, they must yield an amount of monopoly power, be able to prevent arbitrage and there must be a difference in the elasticity of demand for the product or service (Ken, 2002, 4). Price discrimination can occur in a variety of different markets to include media and entertainment, communications, transportation and utilities…

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  • Capital Gain Tax Analysis

    to be deducted, the interest expenses should be indexed. Interest expense would also be indexed, so only the excess of interest above inflation would be deductible. This will be benefiting since they could result to the taxpayer gaining a pure arbitrage dividends by subtracting the nominal interest at the same time recognizing real gains. Variations on a consumption tax such as the flat tax or David Bradford’s X-tax could protect low-income taxpayers from the burden of a consumption tax, but…

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  • Syntel Executive Summary

    . Syntel Another Pure Play BPO company from India Syntel started in 1994 by acquiring Metier a US based company providing data management, data warehousing datamining, e-commerce and enterprise resource management solutions. The interesting part is Syntel is compounded annual growth rate is always more than the Industry levels since it is focused on high end value based service offerings. From the US acquisition its major market is remains from US only. In 2013 it launched…

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  • Bernard Madoff Case Summary

    Introduction The nineties were a strange, almost fantastical time; new technology was being created, Presidents were playing the sax on television, and Bernard, informally known as Bernie, Madoff was serving as the NASDAQ chairman. Bernie climbed the economic ladder, eventually being in control of millions of investments in 2008 until it was found out that he had been the head of the largest Ponzi scheme in America. Madoff’s case is not only important to the how expansive it was, but how…

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  • The Efficient Market Hypothesis

    According to Lo (2007), the efficient markets hypothesis (EMH) maintains that market prices fully reflect all available information. It was developed independently by Paul A. Samuelson and Eugene F. Fama in the 1960s, this idea has been applied extensively to theoretical models and empirical studies of financial securities prices, generating considerable controversy as well as fundamental insights into the price-discovery process. Ang (2011) stated that the early theoretical articulations of…

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  • Case Analysis Of Genpact

    information technology and analytical capabilities to deliver superior service. Company’s Evolution over the years 1. Labour Arbitrage: Company’s evolution dates to GE. It started as a business unit of GE to provide cost effective BPM services to GE’s businesses. 2. Productivity and Capacity Expansion: Once the company identified its USP- Labour arbitrage, it focussed on expanding its presence across low cost locations. Hence, 1998 1 onwards, the company started its operations across…

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  • Case Study Of Nearshoring: Scope Of Services And Key Success Factors

    Nearshoring: Scope of Services and Key Success Factors Do you want to make your company more responsive and better at completing projects? Setting up a nearshore team might be your solution! Here are our key success factors for companies. 1. Nearshoring Nearshoring (nearshore outsourcing) is when you get your services or work performed by people in countries adjacent or next to yours. This can be setup internally with your own firm’s talent or alternatively with an external partner (service…

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