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  • Scaffolded Narrative Analysis

    lost or impaired secondary to cerebrovascular accidents, brain jury, neurological impairment, etc. For instance, lesions in Broca’s area are associated with nonfluent aphasia characterized by jargon, nonsensical words, and phrases when attempting to speak. In addition, lesions in Wernicke’s area are associated with fluent aphasia, which is characterized by retained function words and fluent but empty-sound speech with loss of content words. Furthermore, a growing body of evidence emphasizes…

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  • Chief Complaint: Rule Out Parkinson's Disease

    Chief Complaint Rule out Parkinson 's disease. History The patient is a 64-year-old right-handed white female who presents with her daughter for evaluation of several symptoms. These include balance problems and a tendency to fall backwards, change in her voice and micrographia. They are wondering whether or not she has Parkinson 's disease. She stated that her voice went first about two years ago. She notes that it is getting a little lower, [____]and softer. It is not persistently…

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  • Stroke Rehabilitation Case Study

    Stroke Rehabilitation: A New Journey to an Independent Life Audience: This educational course is designed primarily for physiotherapists to upsurge their knowledge on the subject of post stroke rehabilitation of the sufferers. However, patients may also get facilitated in a way to seek ray of hope for their recovery. Objectives: The objective of this course is to provide in-depth knowledge and clinical management of stroke. At the end of this course you will be able to: 1. List the…

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  • Child Rearing Style Analysis

    Quality of life is one of the main factors affecting a child’s functioning which is a difficult concept to define. According to Ravens-Sieberer et al. (as cited in Nunes, 2014), quality of Life (QoL) encompasses an individuals’ perception of their position in life in the context of the culture and value systems in which they live, and in relation to their goals, expectations, and concerns. However, Health related quality of life (HRQOL) as a multidimensional measure can be defined as an…

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  • Intellectual Disorder Case Study

    Primary diagnosis: Speech and language delays. Secondary diagnosis: Intellectual disability. The claimant was a 7 year and 11 month old boy. Alleged disability: learning disability, could not speak understandable words, could not tie his shoes, could not wipe himself after using the toilet, and hyperactivity. His mother reported that he was unable to cut geometric shapes with scissors, unlock a key lock, could not follow simple directions, and did not say his last name when asked for his…

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  • Amaurosis Fugax Research Paper

    Introduction Amaurosis fugax is a condition in which you lose your sight in one eye. The loss of vision in the affected eye may be total or partial. The vision loss usually lasts for only a few seconds or minutes before sight returns to normal. Occasionally, it may last for several hours. This condition is caused by interruption of blood flow to the artery that supplies blood to the retina. The retina is the part of your eye that contains the nerves needed for sight. In some people, this…

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  • Case Study: Chief Complaint

    initially was in no obvious distress, but at the time that I actually examined him, he was very anxious regarding his driving restrictions. Mental Status He is oriented x3, alert, cooperative. Good short-term, long-term, and intermediate memory. No aphasia. Cranial Nerves Visual fields full to confrontation. Extraocular muscles intact. Normal facial symmetry, sensation, and movement. Normal shoulder shrug. Tongue and uvula were midline. Motor Was 5/5 strength, but with a left pronator…

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  • Analysis: The Mind Hidden And Divided

    Halle Pietro 11/11/16 Memory Essay Psy101-092WB The mind is a very mysterious process that researchers and doctors still do not completely understand. It is a giant complex command center that is capable of knowing everything because of all that it is exposed to. In memory video 1, they discuss “The Mind Hidden and Divided”. The video is an overview of Sigmund Freud’s research and how certain events and experiences originating in the subconscious understanding of our conscious lives. The topics…

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  • 1983 Study Motion Blindness

    The 1983 study by Zihl, Von Cramon and Mai investigates motion blindness, or akinetopsia. The patient suffering with this disorder had a very limited perception of visual motion, motion in depth, apparent motion and did not see motion after effects. Brain damage, specifically bilateral, posterior brain damage, can sometimes result in disturbed perception of color and, as in the case of L.M., motion. More specifically, the area that was damaged was assumed to be the posterior part of the middle…

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  • Hippocampal Amnesia Case Study

    Jimmie G’s problem is that he has anterograde explicit declarative amnesia. He cannot make any new memories, meaning his explicit memory, or his ability to consciously recollect memories, is only good for memories made before his injury presumably. His declarative memory is also damaged, as evidenced by his inability to remember the correct year and his inability to recognize that he is no longer 19. He can still access his implicit memory as evidenced by the fact that he remembers the routine…

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