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  • Hippocampal Amnesia Case Study

    Jimmie G’s problem is that he has anterograde explicit declarative amnesia. He cannot make any new memories, meaning his explicit memory, or his ability to consciously recollect memories, is only good for memories made before his injury presumably. His declarative memory is also damaged, as evidenced by his inability to remember the correct year and his inability to recognize that he is no longer 19. He can still access his implicit memory as evidenced by the fact that he remembers the routine…

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  • Cerebrovascular Accident Case Study

    Case Study# 6 Cerebrovascular Accident (CVA) Jan is a 72-year-old woman who recently suffered a Cerebral Vascular Accident. She suffered damage to the right side of her body and is having difficulty speaking. She is widowed and has no children. She lives by herself in a 2nd floor apartment. Jan is worried about how she will care for her 3 cats, Daisy, Tempo, and Ms. Kitty. What is a Cerebrovascular Accident (CVA)? A cerebrovascular accident is also known as a stroke. It is a vascular disease…

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  • Medical Case Study: Chief Complaint

    Chief Complaint Followup of CVA and diabetic third nerve palsy. History Patient is a 57-year-old left-handed white male who presents with his wife for followup of two recent hospitalizations. He was initially hospitalized at July 25, 2015, when he went to bed feeling fine and got up at four in the morning and noted that there was something wrong with his left foot. He thought maybe he slept on it wrong. He went back to bed, but when he woke up again, it was still a problem. He did present…

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  • Phantomic Story Analysis

    authenticity of Phantom’s precious library and all the relics collected by the Phantomic line down through the ages. The narrative myths, the folklores, the legends of the tribes become subservient to his narratorial authority, rendering the tribes an aphasia to be discovered by the Phantomic gaze and to be suppressed at the closure of Phantom’s narrative diction. Fig.30. The old storyteller Mozz.Lee Falk. The 22nd Phantom, n.p These non-existent natives whole existence…

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  • Dyslexic Intervention Summary

    It is important that social workers consider their own beliefs about dyslexia as they work with so-called “dyslexic” clients, and it would behoove researchers to do so as well. We make commitments to our clients, and we need to honor those commitments with respect for their individuality. Interventions can only be effective if we have a sound basis of knowledge on which to formulate our intervention strategies for those unique clients. In this way, we can assist them in finding learning…

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  • Early Literacy Experience Analysis

    Thanks to my family and sister, I am here today. When I was two years old, my new sister Carly was diagnosed with a rare developmental disorder, called Smith-Magenis Syndrome (SMS). Of coarse at the time I did not understand what this meant, but as we got older many of Carly’s challenges were things that came easy to me and other typically developing kids. One of her biggest challenges was and still is today, is communicating effectively. For instance, Carly didn’t use full words until she was…

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  • Biomedical Science Personal Statement Examples

    Being able to apply biology based science to medical use paves the way to further study the complexity of the human body. The limitless discoveries that can be made in the realm of biomedical science in which potential new medical advances, cures and a deeper anatomical understanding is what motivates me to be a part of this ever-changing profession. I recall being introduced to science in school and how there was so much I didn’t know and my need to absorb new information . Since then my…

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  • Personal Narrative-She Was The Beat He Was The Drum

    She was the beat He was the Drum When I was growing up, my dad was the drum, my mom was the beat, and having those two people by my side and seeing what they did with their life 's made me want to do better and more. I didn 't know what I wanted to do when I was in college, but my mom died from breast cancer when I was five years old. She had clogged arteries that boosted me to go to college to become a surgical doctor for hearts. I just feel like I 'm closer to her,and I couldn 't help her…

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  • The Benefits Of Processing In An Organization

    The feasibility of implementing in an organization will determine whether a proposed system project is technically. Focusing what needs to be improved, the feasibility of applying a new ways of communicating to be used effectively, efficiently, and economically. This could improve an organization along with developing educational measures to monitor curricular innovation and appropriate resources. The first approach is have an overview of what needs to done and design a plan that will find…

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  • Taylor Case Study Essay

    wheelchair. He will go through more assessments will physiotherapist to achieve a holistic approach. As Taylor is suffering from depression and anxiety so the psychologist can help him to express his feelings and get better. As Taylor has developed aphasia due to the brain injury. The speech pathologist will help him to improve the speech. So he will be able to communicate properly and which can make a big difference in his QOL (quality of life).Occupational therapist will help Taylor to provide…

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