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  • Walter Kirn's Lost In Meritocracy

    To what extent do you believe that Kirn’s critique of American education is valid? What evidence do you have for your thesis? Lost in the Meritocracy: A Brief Summary: The story “Lost in Meritocracy” by Walter Kirn is memoir about Kirn’s education. Kirn’s memoir shows how America’s Education system has removed value from learning, and awarded those who learned to trick it. He was a student that “lived for prizes,praise, and distinction”, acing the SAT, “only caring about the next report card”.…

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  • Sigmund Freud's Seduction Theory

    My nigga Sigmund Freud was a neurologist and was known as the motherfucking father of psychoanalysis, which you know I personally think that some people may need for banning me for posting a screenshot someone else took, but ya know I feel you, gotta run the group to your liking, but anyways. He was born into some god damn Jewish family and I'm kinda glad Hitler didn't get that mother fucker because he died in 1939 and that's like three years after the Holocaust began. He went to university at…

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  • Attention Deficit Analysis

    According to the DSM-V (2013), Attention-deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is defined as a persistent pattern of inattention and/or hyperactivity-impulsivity that interferes with functioning or development (DSM-V) for at least six months. ADHD has two sub-types that can present independently or combined. Inattention manifests in behavioral symptoms like difficulty sustaining attention in tasks and play activities, failure to give close attention to details or make careless mistakes,…

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  • What Is The Importance Of Transportation In A School Bus Essay

    School Bus Transportation of Special Need Students: An Overview Ordinarily, parents seek school transportation for safely transporting students with special needs. Even though safety rules differ from one state to another, there are certain skills that every person, who handles special need students should be aware of. What are the legal requirements of special need transportation? As per the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) in the United States, every schools should…

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  • Traumatic Brain Injury Case Study

    On November 28, 2008, Philadelphian journalist Brian Hickey went to a bar in the city to meet up with some old friends. On his walk to the train station to return home, he was struck by a car and left for dead, unconscious, on the poorly-lit street. Luckily, a nearby resident heard the accident and called the police as the car sped off. Paramedics rushed him to Cooper University Hospital where he was immediately intubated and monitored for stability. Brian’s simple night out ended with him…

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  • Joseph-Maurice Rahul Research Paper

    Joseph-Maurice Ravel was a 19th and early 20th century French composer of classical music. Maurice Ravel was born on March 7, 1875, in Ciboure, France. His mother, Marie Delouart was Basque and father, Joseph Ravel was from Switzerland. At his third month, his family moved to Paris. His brother, Édouard Ravel was born in Paris after three years of their moving. There was no evidence of Ravel’s entering a school for his formal Education. However, acknowledging his passion in the early age,…

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  • Paul Broca Little Albert Experiment

    Paul Broca (1824 ~ 1880) Paul Broca was a French pathologist, neurosurgeon, anthropologist and the founder of modern brain surgery. He is well-known for his research on “Broca’s area” where he studied Aphasia throughout the 1850s and was the first person to show how speech defect was linked to a specific spot on the human brain by demonstrating autopsy. Broca’s area then revolutionized the perception of language processing, comprehension as well as speech production Stanley Milgram (1933…

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  • Music: The Effects Of Music On Our Mood

    No one can the power music have. Researchers proved that student who listend to music tends to have higher grade than who doesn’t. Its waste of time if someone is deny the effects of music The effects of music Music have great influence on our mood and behavior. It has been proven that if a person is in a terrible mood, as soon as some music is turned on, that person suddenly felt better. Music just have that kind of healing power and effects on humans. The effect of music on our mood…

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  • Physical And Cognitive Issues In Aging

    This may include a decline in memory, information processing speed, or communication issues (Krebs-Carter, 2007). Research by Cingi, Muluk, and Yilmaz (2015) identifies health and physical problems such as cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, and aphasia are common issues that affect communication (Cingi, Muluk, & Yilmaz, 2015). Illness such as the ones above, affect both the physical and cognitive areas. Additionally, elderly individuals may also experience long-term frailty or long-term…

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  • Stroke Case Study Essay

    I was assigned into a group of 3 people to work on a case study on an elderly patient who showed-up into the ER who had an ischemic stroke that is caused by an occlusion of a cerebral artery. During this group case study, I have learned so much about the critical care of older adult, such as the relationship of stroke and cardiovascular diseases (a-fib), complications of stroke, and the nursing critical implications of caring for older adult who suffers from cerebrovascular events. Upon…

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