Anointing of Jesus

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  • Water Symbolism In Literature

    Water Symbolism in Literature Water is a powerful element that can affect anything. Babies begin in the womb surrounded by a watery substance called amniotic fluid. Water is required for life and is essential in order to function properly. Not to mention, about 70% of a human’s body weight is water. Asside from keeping things alive, it also has the power to cause a catastrophe. Some of these problems include flooding, droughts, tidal waves, or hurricanes. It may seem like water can be controlled…

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  • Rhetorical Analysis Of Bertrand Russell's Why I Am Not A Christian

    compelling arguments he makes many illogical fallacies within his speech. Russell begins his lecture on first his idea of what a Christian actually is. Russell believes that in order to be a Christian, one must believe in God, immortality, and in Jesus Christ. However, he does not think that a Christian has to believe in Hell. He also tells us that he himself has no belief in any of the things that he believes makes one a Christian. After clarifying his stance on Christianity, Russell moves…

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  • Apostle Martyrs Essay

    The newly form religion called Christian would have a lot of growing pains over the next two centuries. Important Christian figure like the Apostles were being killed off. The Christian authority figures calling Apostles martyrs and anyone else who dies still believing in Christ love. The Church was looking to become more then that religion that people get to watch die in the colosseum. The religion still being new and did not have many followers and most of the followers were the poor, women,…

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  • The Importance Of Morality In The Council Of Trent

    formation is enriched and forges our intentions with goodness. Our spiritual and moral life is fueled through the relationship we acknowledge we have with a God who loves us in spite of our human weaknesses and sinfulness. God gave us Jesus so that we can imitate Jesus on the path that leads us home, we can’t separate spirituality and morality. Spirituality is the stimulator that makes our moral life grow. We become transformed from a materialistic world and discover a spiritual world from…

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  • God Is God Analysis

    known as counterfactual. So what Jesus did – repeatedly and smoothly – was truly phenomenal human. He established, beyond sensible doubt, that he is more than just a man. However staggering the implications, Jesus’ words and actions graphically prove that he is God. As we sat in the cafeteria of the Bedfordshire Times, my friend Steve wanted proof of God’s existence: “If you’re really there, God, why on earth don’t you prove it?” It seems to me that when Jesus walked the planet, God did, on…

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  • Summary Of Athanasius On Incarnation

    Athanasius "On Incarnation" In the book "on Incarnation", Athanasius explains the incarnation of Jesus Christ, in order to refute the non-believers position of incarnation. The book is divided into nine chapters, which chronologically explains the different stages of the incarnation of Jesus and his relationship with humanity. Athanasius held his position as Archbishop of Alexandria from (c.296-c.373). He was the twentieth bishop of Alexandria, and emphasized Orthodox Church theology in his…

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  • Graduation Speech: My Relationship Between God And God

    it. We live in a region where organize crime is always high. The organize crime leads to many violent acts and traps that are done on our children (i.e. Sex Trade, murder, drugs, and etc.). I have God news. We are the church!!! Jesus says in Mat. 16: 17 – 19, “And Jesus answered him, “Blessed are you, Simon Bar-Jonah! For flesh and blood has not revealed this to you, but my Father who is in heaven. 18 And I tell you, you are Peter, and on this rock I will build my church, and the gates of hell…

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  • His Crucifixion Essay

    As Jesus hung on the cross, He began to suffer in ways that dwarfed the horrors that He had already endured. His body formed a “Y” shape, as those performing the crucifixion would attach the hands outstretched and above the victims head with some room for movement and the feet with the knees slightly bent (Davis n.d.). In order for Jesus to breathe properly, He would have to bring His body from a “Y” shape into that of a “T”, requiring Him to pull up by His nailed wrists and push up by His…

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  • Jesus Ministry Summary

    passage Luke summarizes the beginning of Jesus’ ministry, including his teaching, miraculous deeds, and calling of his first disciples. Jesus declares that the time has come for God’s promises to be fulfilled. The hopes revealed in the Old Testament start becoming true through his life and ministry. Luke emphasizes that Jesus is Messiah, who is sent by God the Father to proclaim and demonstrate the Good News. We see that not everyone is open to this, as Jesus meets some opposition straight from…

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  • Angels And Heavenly Angels

    angels is one of God’s secrets; there’s a crowd of them. The term “guardian angel” does not appear in the Bible; however, there are some verses which teach that God, on occasions, has used angels to guard His children. (Psalms 34:7; Psalms 91:11) When Jesus talked about some little children, He referred to “Their angels” (Matt. 18:10). Now, it’s altogether possible that He was referring to a group of angels in heaven rather than each person having an angel assigned to them. However, the Bible…

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