Anointing of Jesus

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  • Miracles In The Bible

    When choosing to approach miracles from a biblical point of view you usually acknowledge that God has created the earth and all things that live within it. That he has created order within creation. We can view creation and natural law as coinciding, simply because we live in a predictable world. That is part of what makes miracles so amazing is the simply fact that they are unexpected. In order to find peace and order in the world there does have to be a system establish that shows order and…

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  • Women In OT Times

    Introduction and Background for Women in OT Times “The Bible speaks about women in many different ways, sometimes explicitly, but more usually indirectly.” Men are usually the main characters in the Bible though sometimes women are mentioned it is usually indirectly. Women were not viewed as important as a man in society during Old Testament times. This wasn’t exactly the case with Eve. “Genesis informs its readers that woman is a special creation of God (Gen. 1:16-27; 2:18-24).” Eve was also…

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  • The Importance Of Reconciliation

    The first one is probably the scariest confession I had ever had. A new priest had come into my church and he was very passionate about his work. I confessed to him that I hadn’t gone to church regularly and he held up the crucifix and made me tell Jesus that I didn’t care that he died for our sins. He then proceeded to tell me that every time I skip mass I am being ignorant to what our savior has done for us and wasting the grace God had given me. This confession not only terrified me but also…

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  • The Existence Of God In Pascal's Wager

    in my Christian adventure. He has proved His existence to me. He is real; those who claim otherwise are wrong. They form their opinion using a limited data set. I may not be able to prove His existence to a disputing non-Believer, per se, but He (Jesus) is very able to prove Himself, and He has to many, if not to all of His…

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  • Reflective Essay: My Personal Beliefs Of The Catholic Church

    demonstrate that we can go on without being attached to something whether it be an object or anything else. I don’t completely agree with not eating but I do understand that for some people it is a sacrifice for Jesus who died for our sins, so fasting sees small compared to the ultimate sacrifice that Jesus did for us. But, I don’t think complete fasting food is appropriate otherwise we would be committing suicide and that conflicts with Gods law. But fasting other ways giving up possessions is…

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  • Meaning And Significance Of Baptism

    An appropriate piece of scripture is then read, usually to do with either Jesus’ baptism or conversation about eternal life. The homily expresses the importance of baptism to the congregation. The bidding prayers are said for the parents, godparents as well as in the hope of new life through baptism for the infant…

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  • Are You Afraid Of Being Blessed Essay

    Romans 5:17, ‘For if, by the trespass of the one man, death reigned through that one man, how much more will those who receive God 's abundant provision of grace and of the gift of righteousness reign in life through the one man, Jesus Christ.’ When we apply the Blood of Jesus to our lives, we are pardoned of our sins. We are cleansed. We are protected. We are made righteous and our relationship with God is restored. This means that we are not only forgiven,…

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  • Analysis Of Sacred Pathways By Gary Thomas

    “Sacred Pathways,” by Gary Thomas is an enlightening book which describes nine ways humans can draw closer to God. Thomas explains many people are drawn to God through outward influences such as nature or their own five senses. Others are inspired more by routine and structure, interaction, experiences, or care-taking roles. Still other people are more inclined to feel closer to God through quiet and withdrawal, intense focus, or knowledge-seeking. Thomas explains one person may identify…

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  • Symbolism In Emily Dickinson's I Heard A Fly Buzz

    the death of Jesus Christ and the flies which gathered on Christ’s body during the time of crucifixion. The flies prevented more nails to be driven into the body of Jesus Christ, because they portrayed nails. Which spared more from being used. The result is that flies may now dine at Kings tables with impunity (Monteiro, 44). Comparing to Dickinson’s poem, “the fly appears to enjoy similar privileges before the king, perhaps even to the extent of touching the dead one’s eyes (“anointing” them?)…

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  • Martin Luther Martin's Three Treatises Summary

    astonishingly would be Luther’s attitude and his demeanor within his letter to Leo X. Despite the fact that many think Luther to be completely against every member of the clergy (as he does call them “despised” and equates them to the Pharisees that Jesus termed “a brood of vipers” ), in his letter to the Pope he appears very apologetic and honorable in his discourse. Pop-history may provide the inexperienced historian with a bit of wonder…

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