Unemployed College Students

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ATTENTION – CALLING ALL unemployed college graduates! The world’s richest employer has a job tailored just for you, but here’s the thing: He wants you to give-up yourself -- as He takes lead. To keep the record straight, He wants you all to Himself, and He destroys all His competitors. He noticed that His competitors are college graduates who put their college degree in front of Him; college graduates who demand their own will; and, college graduates who refuse to or obey His instructions. What happened to good ole customer service? Do you remember when anxious customers would approach a retailer’s service counter and they were greeted with a contagious smile or a salutation like this, “Hello, may I help you?” This friendly gesture would open a delightful pathway to a customer’s immediate response. My friend, when we surrender our lives to God through Jesus …show more content…
For example, when college students or prospective college students accept what God has already ordained them to do, they automatically unleash a seed of divine fruit. The more the spiritual fruit grows; the students would discover an array of real life fruit. For instance, getting a job immediately after college, or even while you’re attending college, is a fruit. Not only will you birth fruit that your college buddies could see, but also you produce friends that people may not easily see at first. A renewed relationship with God through Jesus Christ and an energized life of faith are forms of fruit. These spiritual benefits, whether they are visual or not, drip over into what you desire. This means you might desire that God add value to your degree, career path, or business operations. Because you did not manipulate God’s plan, He disperses value to your degree and your accomplishments. Your road to God’s rewards will work only when you accept the job that the Employer submits to you, are you ready? Wait a second; every job comes with a job

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