Student Loan Crisis A Myth

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Who would have thought to be a graduate there is a most likely chance that you end up with a degree that won’t give you the assurance of a job and an endless college loan debt? Well, there’s a good chance it might not be you but throughout United States majority of college graduates are dealing with this issue at this moment. People are contemplating whether or not “Is the student loan crisis a myth?” within these articles in the book of 13th edition: Patterns College Writing by Laurie G.Kriszner and Stephen R.Mandell. However, I disagree that this student loan crisis is a myth because of certain economic limitations within the society that prevents college graduates that have loans to be debt-free. The article “The Myth of the …show more content…
I disagree that the Student Loan Crisis is a Myth. Only because for there is some issues behind the points that they made. Yes, it’s true that there are grants and scholarships that are available for college students and graduates that could’ve had the chance to apply. In realization that if they had the zeal on getting them it could have been useful for their loans. It’s understandable that the level of your education depends on a high chance in getting a career that offers a good pay, however, not all graduates get offered a job right after college. In the article, “Here’s your crisis: Student Loan Debt Isn’t a Myth” by graduate of American University, Chris Lewis and graduate of Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service, Layla Zaidane states that “53 percent of recent graduates are unemployed or not using their degree.” (587) This informs that not all graduates walk out the doors of college and is handed a lifetime career. It makes sense that the higher your degree the more earnings you get, but as the years go by the cost of tuition will increase and their earnings will most likely stay the same. For instance, in the article Lewis and Zaidane says “Don’t expect the problem to go away once the economy picks up, …. Growth in America with degrees is far outpacing the growth in jobs that require them…” (587) Meaning once more people get degree and the availability of jobs will decrease it will end up having graduates become ruthless to get

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