Student Loan Crisis A Myth? Essay

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Who would have thought to be a graduate there is a most likely chance that you end up with a degree that won’t give you the assurance of a job and an endless college loan debt? Well, there’s a good chance it might not be you but throughout United States majority of college graduates are dealing with this issue at this moment. People are contemplating whether or not “Is the student loan crisis a myth?” within these articles in the book of 13th edition: Patterns College Writing by Laurie G.Kriszner and Stephen R.Mandell. However, I disagree that this student loan crisis is a myth because of certain economic limitations within the society that prevents college graduates that have loans to be debt-free. The article “The Myth of the Student Loan Crisis” by graduate of Yale University, Nicole Allan and director of Atlantic’s Business Channel, Derek Thompson informs that even though the increase of tuition has been extremely high throughout the years, but people that are claiming it as a “crisis” are over-elaborating the issue. Because there are always grants and scholarships given, the higher the degree the higher the earnings, and it follows in having a good paying job which gives them the chance to pay off their debts quicker. As Allan and Thompson indicates that “A study found that 1 in 6 full-time students at four-year schools who were eligible for government loans weren’t taking advantage of them.” (583) In Figure 4, statistics are shown the economic value of…

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