The Advantages Of Student Loans

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The majority of United States citizens want to attend college, but some simply feel they cannot afford it. College is expensive but there are ways to make it more affordable such as grants, scholarships, and student loans. Plenty of opportunities are given to college students to help pay for their tuition, but many don’t take advantage of these great opportunities. As a result, it has created an endless debate on whether student loans are affordable or if they are a crisis within the country. Allan and Thompson offer a great argument for the affordability of student loans, while Lewis and Zaidane take the other side of the debate and argue that student loans are a crisis for many college students. Although Allan and Thompson’s opinions on …show more content…
Lewis and Zaidane state, “The cost of public universities has more than doubled since 1988”, which supports the fact that almost half of adults between the ages 18 and 34 without degrees cannot afford to go to college. College is more expensive than most people are willing to pay and this mainly effects the lower class citizens. Parents who are considered to be within the lower class simply cannot afford to send their kids to college, and this results in a low paying job for that child who then passes it on to his or her family and the cycle continues. Lewis and Zaidane are trying to point out in their argument that the cost of college has increased so much that it is discouraging many people from going to college, thus effecting our economy negatively. Another point Lewis and Zaidane make is that there are way more degrees than there are jobs.”53% of recent grads are unemployed or not using their degree”, (Lewis), the job market is so competitive that although a student puts in the time and effort to earn this degree and get a job they aren’t always able to. This causes the graduate to be unable to pay off their student loans because they do not have a good paying job, and the graduate is then overwhelmed with debt. This results in an increase in federal student loan delinquencies to shoot up and become a crisis within our country like Lewis and Zaidane stated. It seems to be that Lewis and Zaidane are saying the root cause of the student loan debt crisis is not the fact that students aren’t paying off their loans, but the continuing increase of tuition

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