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  • Critique Of Dworkin's Argument On The Nature Of Law

    fundamental difference is perhaps the fact that the two philosophers were making considerations of the law in two fundamentally different times, in history. Modern jurisprudence has had several differences about how the law was perceived to be in the past. While human beings recognise social institutions such as parliament and constitutional review bodies as sources of law, other sources of law exist that intrinsically influence the legal processes and the outcome of legal disputes. These…

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  • Family And Society In Kenya Case Study

    OUTLINE “The role the Family and Society play to complement the Government as Problem Solving Mechanisms in Kenya” 1. Introduction The government, family and society have a role to play in problem solving. The government is considered to be the problem solvers on issues affecting its citizens but they do not solve problems on a vacuum space thus they need other stakeholders to do this like the society and families. In fact they are just a bridge to facilitate to enable such problems be…

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  • Externship Reflection

    when of the process of contacting people. PROGRESS TOWARDS GOALS FOR MY EXTERNSHIP I feel that basically I am on track meet the goals I described in the initial learning goals memo. I feel that I have been getting a good introduction to military law and what being a JAG, at least at one command, would be like. I have had the opportunity to obtain exposure to a wide range of activities. Looking forward to the second half of the semester, I would like to be further challenged with assignments…

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  • Freedom Of Speech And Expression: A Case Study

    For years, the United States has managed to maintain a balance between its institutional powers and personal rights of its citizens. The US constitution has undergone multiple amendments aimed at providing more freedom while the same time protects the national interests. Recently conducted studies revealed that the majority of Americans feel threaten by the decisions made by the federal government (DePlato, 2015). The paper evaluates institution powers and personal rights that the legislature…

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  • Military Occupational Skills

    As an Army Veteran, my military occupational skill is Administrative. In retaining the demonstrated twenty years of knowledge, skills, ability, I would like to apply it towards criminal justice. In addition to secretarial skills, I have chosen to further my education to attain the basic legal knowledge. I would need to be familiar with legal terminology, court-filing rules, legal documents, and law office procedures in order to prepare documents, do research, and perform other tasks assigned…

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  • Pros And Cons Of The Juvenile Justice System

    Over 100 years ago the United States established the Juvenile Justice system. In most states, a person who between the ages of 10 and 18 charged with a crime is considered a juvenile . The juvenile justice system main goal is to help rehabilitation rather than punishing the individual and held youths who commit crimes responsible for their action. Where adults who are accused and found guilty of a crime, the criminal justice courts focus on punishments. There are many debates over the…

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  • Big Brain Solutions: Case Study

    BACKGROUND In early 2014, Big Brain Solutions hired Liz Bennett and Ralph Nickleby as administrative assistants. During their onboarding, Ms. Bennett and Mr. Nickleby signed contracts which stipulated that “if there is any dispute as to employment practice or employee/employer actions, this dispute will be decided via binding arbitration.” Both were given adequate time to review the agreement and consultant an attorney. Several months later , Mr. Nickleby became addicted to cocaine and Ms.…

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  • Separation Of Government By Framers Of The Constitution

    branch holds. Checks and balances also allow Congress to enact laws, yet the president has the power to veto laws. (Bardes, Shelley, Schmidt). Furthermore, the Framers of The Constitution decided to divide the government into the three branches known as legislative, executive and judicial branches (Davidson).…

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  • Public Service Worker Career Essay

    information from each course to help make me a more active public servant. For example, strong communication skills are vital to a team. Without teamwork and active communication, work systems fail and can harm all parties involved. When it comes to law enforcement work, each decision can be a life or death choice. When you work well with your team members and communicate effectively, you ensure not only the public’s safety, but the safety of your team. I have been able to incorporate this…

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  • Unclaimed Property Case Study

    Implications of State Laws on Unclaimed Property Pwc (pag 5 & 6) further explains that the case of the New Jersey Retail Merchants Association, et al. v. Sidamon-Eristoff where the U.S. Court of Appeals 2012 affirmed the orders of the U.S. District Court for the District of New Jersey barring New Jersey from enforcing a "place of purchase" presumption for stored value cards and the retroactive escheatment of cards already issued. The Appeals Court also affirmed the District Court 's ruling that…

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