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  • Informative Essay: The Role Of Government In The United States

    to get a home in the United States, and to make sure that our country is secure. Some rights and freedoms that the government must protect are that a government must protect the freedom of people to choose, change and remove State's political, administrative and economic systems in my opinion. One obligation that a government have to its citizens is to protect the nation from other nations and peoples that would do them harm. This shows that the government in the united states has many…

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  • Judicial Activism

    DISCUSSION WEEK #11 Judicial philosophy is the fundamental set of ideas and beliefs of a judge or justice, in which shapes his or her rulings of a specific case. As well as, how both judge or justice interpret the law. Judicial scholars interpret judges and justices as being either “activists” or “restraints” based on their judicial philosophy. Judicial activism is the philosophy of judicial decision-making whereby judges allow, mainly their personal views about public policy to guide their…

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  • Julian Paul Assange Case Study

    him over accusations of rape and sexual assault that he supposedly committed in August of 2010 during his visit to Sweden.3 Assange denies these claims, stating that he was given full consent by the women he allegedly assaulted. Due to extradition laws between the United Kingdom and Sweden, Assange fought for the rest of the year under house-arrest against his extradition for…

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  • Globalization Compliance Report

    Globalization compliance need politics to stand by the international retail structure and to pursue the consultation of the foreign bureaus such as WTO, IMF, and the World Bank .To a degree sovereignty have to be resolution idlers rather than resolution builders especially in the fiscal realm and they have to make all crucial arrangement and re -constitutional in their social organization. They have to assign new decisions in every domain to aid the movements of the complimentary exchange…

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  • Poddar Case Summary

    omission where the act or omission was the result of the exercise of the discretion vested in him, whether or not such discretion was abused. There is a line between discretionary policy decisions which enjoy statutory immunity and ministerial administrative acts which do not. Section 820.2 affords immunity only for "basic policy decisions” (Supreme Court of California, 1976). Therefore because of this state statute, the police were immune from the charges…

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  • Psychology In Criminal Justice Essay

    The study of psychology in law develops the roles in the criminal justice system. Psychologist who work in the criminal justice field may end up working in law enforcement, corrections or in the court system, each of these three fields incorporates different aspects of the legal system. The psychologist in criminal justice field studies the offenders, victims, law enforcement employees, juror expert witnesses, prison guards, judges and parole officers. The examination discoveries of a…

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  • Essay On Intangible Property

    U.S. Constitution. This document describes the relationship between statutory law and regulatory law, the Federal Register, and the concept of intangible property rights. Statutory and Federal Law According to the North Dakota Constitution, “The legislative assembly shall enact all laws necessary to carry into effect the provisions of this constitution” (North Dakota Constitution). This is the basis for statutory law in North Dakota and all these statutes can be found in the North Dakota…

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  • Importance Of Regulatory Regulations To The Business Environment

    legal regulations and policies of which govern the conduct of businesses within Australia can be considered as a crucial element in controlling the business environment. Laws that restrict businesses to certain boundaries are done so in order to promote fair competition and keep the business market competitive, whilst many laws act with regard to being beneficial for the sustainability of the environment. However, it can be argued that these legal regulations also bring increased costs and…

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  • Academic Statement: Computerized Legal Research And Writing Class

    presentation software. In the Family Law and Civil Litigation classes, I drafted several documents towards filing for divorce, temporary restraining orders, interrogatories, complaints, and responses using several case scenarios. The Paralegal Studies program focused on how technology is shaping the legal arena, from e-filing to legal research databases. For example, I had the opportunity to use the premiere software available to file a mock Chapter 7 in the Bankruptcy law class, Best Case™. I…

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  • 1st Amendment Pros And Cons

    The First Amendment provides that Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof. U.S. Const. amend. I. Exemptions may be altered or repealed except those exempting real or personal property used exclusively for religious, educational or charitable purposes as defined by law and owned by any corporation or association organized exclusively for one or more of such purposes and not operating for profit. N.Y. Const. art. XVI. § I. In…

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