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  • Debate On Guns In Schools

    “More than 150 U.S. college campuses have allowed concealed carry for a combined total of almost 1,500 semesters (spring/fall) over the past twenty years. Not one of these campuses has seen a single resulting act of violence (including threats) or a single resulting suicide attempt” (Campus). The presence of guns on over 150 college campuses has not resulted in any safety problems, and one could even say that the knowledge that guns are present on campuses may have prevented any potential…

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  • Violent Crime Or Crime Of Violence

    weapons. reckoning on the jurisdiction, violent crimes might vary from putting to death to harassment. Typically, violent criminals include craft hijackers, bank robbers, muggers, burglars, terrorists, carjackers, rapists, kidnappers, torturers, active shooters, murderers, gangsters, drug cartels, and others. Property crime may be a class of crime that has, among alternative crimes, burglary,…

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  • Supreme Command Summary

    In Supreme Command, Eliot Cohen offers an answer to the civil-military challenge of the relationship between politicians and military leaders. Cohen suggests that the best war statesmen are active in military strategy and decision-making as well as questioning or prodding their generals. Unlike what he refers to as the “normal” theory of civil-military relationships espoused by Samuel Huntington, Cohen chooses a view more akin to Carl von Clausewitz that “war is not merely an act of policy but…

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  • Capps Open-Carry Analysis

    will continue to grow further away from a synergistic profile. Dwelling between these two concepts lies fuel in the form of quantitative rights. This fuel can either nurture a social theory favoring freedom of action for individuals or strengthen the active role of government agencies. The purpose of the two essays surrounds open-carry policies. I’ve selected two articles that I have found to be the most persuasive. During my reading, I’ve discovered that they indirectly complement each other; a…

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  • The Role Of Bullying In Destructive Behavior

    Service examined 37 school shootings or school attacks that involved 41 assailants from the years 1974 to 1999 when the research was conducted. The Secret service analyzed the information from each account and conducted interviews with 10 of the shooters from the incidents and the findings were that most of the attackers felt harassed, bullied, threatened, attacked or injured by others prior to each incident. Also nearly 75% of the attackers threatened killing themselves, made suicidal gestures…

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  • Igor Primoratz Death Penalty Analysis

    disproportionately low punishment as compared to the rest of the punishments. That is to say, Primoratz argues, that murderers, relative to other criminals, receive less of a punishment which is not only less of a deterrent, but to some degree an active endorsement of the act as it is known that they will not receive an equally terrible punishment to the crime that they committed. It is morally illogical that murderers receive a lesser sentence than what they actually did when other crimes are…

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  • Border Protection Case Study

    1) Describe the challenges faced by US Customs and Border Protection agents attempting to secure the border. Be sure to include: What is the functional equivalent of the border? What is the Fourth amendment exception as it pertains to border searches? How are seizure statistics used to justify the mission of border security? The United States is considered to be greatest country on earth, because of its wealth, and the opportunity it presents people of different race and ethnicity to excel in…

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  • War Measures Act Essay

    The Front de Libération du Québec, better known as the FLQ, is one of the most important movements that have existed in Canada. Their motif was for Quebec to gain independence, to do this, they orchestrated several bombings and robberies in the 1960s, eventually leading up to the October Crisis in the late months of 1970. The kidnapping of James Cross and Pierre Laporte lead to the enactment of the War Measures Act. The ways the War Measures Act affected Canadians was drastic, though Pierre…

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  • Analysis Of Discipline And Punish By Foucault

    insight into the problem, and offer better solutions. As such, I argue that if you follow Foucault’s analysis of how and why punishment changed it will suggest that the correct stance on gun violence in the U.S. is more gun regulations and a more active approach in dealing with mental illness. A crucial element to Foucault’s analysis of punishment is epistemologico-juridical. Epistemologico-juridical…

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  • Allowed In School

    Mr. Vallario has various rules and expectations. Some of which are coming into the classroom on time, sitting in your assigned seat, doing your work, raising their hand when asking/answering a question, being respectful to other students and him, and the last one is putting back any leftover materials that have not been used or have been used. Mr. Vallario does not post his rules instead he hands out a paper on the first day of class and goes over it with the students until the students…

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