Acetic acid

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  • Acetonitrile Lab Report

    2.4 IL-DLLME procedures For IL-DLLME under optimum conditions, 10 mL of the sample solution containing Cd2+ or Ni2+ and PAN (10−5mol L−1) was adjusted to pH in a glass test tube with a conical bottom test tube. Using a microsyringe, the mixture of the extraction solvent ([Hmim][PF6]) and disperser solvent (acetonitrile) was rapidly injected into the previously mentioned aqueous sample. A cloudy solution (water, acetonitrile and [Hmim][PF6] ) was formed in the test tube. The ions reacted with…

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  • Urea Synthesis Lab Report

    The main principle of manufacture of urea has two main reactions. 2NH3 + CO2 NH2COONH4 -37.4 Kcal/mol NH2COONH4 NH2CONH2 + H2O + 6.3 Kcal/mol While going main reactions, the undesirable side reaction taking place is 2NH2CONH2 NH2CONHCONH2 (Biuret) + NH3 This process is further complicated by the formation of a substance called biuret, NH2CONHCONH2, which should be kept low because it adversely affects the growth…

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  • Oral Liquid Formulations

    Section Two - Oral Liquid Formulations (1) Characteristics of Suspensions: The oral liquid dosage form chosen to formulate was that of a suspension. Given the criteria of Drug Y it was thought best to formulate the drug as a suspension. Suspensions can be defined as ''a class of materials in which one phase, a solid, is dispersed in a second phase, generally a liquid.'' (1) There are many characteristics of suspensions that are relevant when formulating such a dosage form. They are as follows;…

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  • Powdered Grape Lab

    Introduction: The purpose of the experiment was to determine the density of powdered grape. The company Gatorade has advertised that G2 powder replenishes fluids and electrolytes in the body’s blood stream during exercise. G2 has aided in staying hydrated, “maintain normal muscle performance, heart rate and brain activity” (1). In relation, there has been a rise in sports drink purchase to improve athletic performance. The experiment examined a basic level of G2 powders composition, the…

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  • Similarities Between Grignard Reagent And Phenylmagnesium Bromide

    In this experiment, a Grignard reagent, phenylmagnesium bromide, reacted with a ketone, acetophenone, to produce 1,1-diphenylethanol. The experimental product was relatively pure as its melting point was determined to be between 78 and 80.7°C. The value from literature suggests that the melting point is between 78 and 82°C ( However, the percent yield for this experiment was not very high, at only 57 percent. The low yield for this lab was most likely due to the low…

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  • 6.03 Calorimetry Lab Report Conclusion

    as: color changes, precipitates, and gases. Those that did not have reactions were also useful in the deduction process. To fully understand how this elimination process works, one must have a better conceptual understanding of aqueous solutions, acid-base reactions, precipitates, and the solubility rules. An aqueous solution is any solution in which water is the solvent. Simply put, it dissolves in water. In order for a substance to dissolve in water, it must either match or exceed the…

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  • Alka Seltzer Reaction Lab

    recorded. Each Alka Seltzer contains the same three ingredients: 325 mg of Aspirin, 1000 mg of Citric Acid, and 1916 mg of Sodium Bicarbonate. Two of Alka Seltzer’s ingredients, Citric Acid and Sodium Bicarbonate (Baking Soda), were both placed into a beaker to see if both contents could cause a potential reaction. The final result was a non- occurring reaction. For a second test, both the Citric Acid and Sodium Bicarbonate were placed into separate, dry beakers. Afterwards,…

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  • Unknown Solutions Lab Report

    strong acid. Then, react one of the unknown solution with all of the others and note any visible reaction (change in color or formation of precipitate) that occurs. After that, some the solutions might be identified throughout the…

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  • Nimodipine Research Paper

    NIMOTOP INJECTION Nimodipine 0.02% solution contains the following excipients: Ethanol 96%, Macrogol 400, sodium citrate, citric acid, Water for Injections Ph. Eur. These excipients consist of properties that aim towards the proper functionality of Nimotop. They consist of inherent stabilities that cause little or no effect in the stability of the drug and they do not have any acute or chronic toxicity. The excipients are also added into the Nimodipine 0.02% solution to enhance the biological…

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  • Chemical Equilibria Lab Report

    Danika Ng CHEM 1252 L Exp 12: Thermodynamic Analysis of Chemical Equilibria INTRODUCTION The reaction being done with borax and HCl is an acid base reaction. The K constant expression of the reaction is Kc = [Na^+][B4O7^-2]. A titration is needed for this experiment because when a strong acid with a known concentration is added to a weak base, the unknown concentration of the weak base can be found, which can then find the moles of the weak base, which can then find the Kc. The first law of…

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