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  • Importance Of Reading Essay

    understand the text easier because [people] need to understand the text better.” Books are a great way to expand [ones] horizons, broaden [ones] thinking, and build new patterns in [ones] brain. Everyone should read. Whether [one] read 10, 20 or 50 books a year, people should read. They say experience is the best teacher, but [people] can only experience one life.” Expanding the memory of the brain is a way to succeed in everyday life. Memory is used everywhere people go. It doesn 't matter how…

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  • The Importance Of Physical Image

    be, changing one’s physical features would take away from the uniqueness and specialty of that specific individual. I personally would never even think about getting plastic surgery for myself, because I really do not see any point of changing the way God created you, just so you become content with changing a part of your physical appearance. Whenever I look at myself, I don’t see someone who is too tall, hairy or ugly one bit. I see a beautiful masterpiece that God spent countless hours fixing…

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  • Success Definition Essay

    The term “success” can be interpreted in a variety of ways. Success is very personal, and will be different for everyone. Many people dream of living in a large house, driving a sports car, and having financial freedom, while some only dream of having a boat, or RV, and living in a small house by a lake. However, another definition of success does not have anything to do with material goods, but is rather concentrated on broader concepts. Being successful comes from being happy. How can you be…

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  • How Does Social Media Affect Self Esteem

    Positive and Negative Ways? Social media is very powerful when it comes to one’s influences, views, and self-esteem. It can cheer a person up or bring a person down just by one small post. Nowadays, social media has developed to become more assessable and easier to operate, which has caused it to flourish in this generation. Due to the convenience of social media on the Internet, many people possess some version of a social media account. Social media is a great way to express…

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  • The Importance Of Project Based Learning

    technology Project Based Learning will not be as effective as it is today. PBL relies on collaboration, real-world connection, critical thinking and authentic assessments – components that are best served with technology. The key is to rearrange the way instructions have been presented where students’ experiences are used to teach abstract Math concepts. A PBL design starts with real world contexts, to conceptual understanding, then back to application and then creation. Project is introduced at…

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  • Speech About Freestyling

    Speaking off the top of your head, can get you out of bed or take your mind off of whatever is stressing you out, Freestyling is the art of flowing words that come from off the top of your head. It’s not rehearsed or pre-planned; it is free flowing and natural with or without instrumental beats. Freestyling is an escape for when you need to speak out or creatively express your thoughts and opinions. Often voices are silenced, people barely get to speak up or speak their mind. So, when you get…

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  • Benefits Of A Campus Garden

    (Ophardt). Getting closer to nature is a great way to reduce stress. With less stress, students will be able to concentrate better and have increased attention and memory to what it is they learn. The garden will also provide students with exercise because tending a garden requires a lot of movement. Exercise is crucial to staying healthy and keeping an active…

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  • I-Ilm Reflection

    Through this course I have seen that students learn science many different ways, but not all those ways are the best for learning. The best way that this 4th grade teacher could teach this weather and climate lesson/unit is by having the students be involved in hands on activities! If the students are able to go outside and record data for themselves they would really get to know the material better and be able to retain this information in their long term memory. They can look at patterns they…

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  • Personal Reflective Essay

    living each day as its own is also a great way to benefit overcoming the problem. In addition, thinking of the positives instead of the negatives can make a huge difference in the way one handles overcoming a tragedy. Personally, I think the situation not only shaped me into the person I am today but also allowed me to understand what it is like being knocked down and brought back up. A tragedy like Hurricane Katrina can shape a person a lot of different ways. Although the event brought…

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  • Elf The Broadway Musical Analysis

    On November 10 I attended Elf the Broadway Musical written by David Berrenbaum and directed by Sam Scalamoni. I attended Elf the Broadway Musical which was put on by Texas A&M University and MSC OPAS. Elf the Broadway Musical was a comedic musical that appealed to audience members of any ages including a range from myself a college student to the family of four sitting next to me. Elf the Broadway Musical was a delight surprise, since I had seen Elf (film) I expected the play to appeal more to a…

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