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  • Rituals: Playing College Softball Team

    passed down throughout the years. Those who are not a part of a culture and their ritual may not understand why one would endure the qualifications such ritual. But those who are a part of the culture, know how rewarding it is to be a part of something great and have substantial benefits in the long run. Arguably, one of the most rigorous rituals on Transylvania’s campus would have to be the softball team and their practices. To be successful on the softball team,…

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  • Playground Child Observation Report

    Athena was a very busy girl and adventurous and Ryker was a shy and wanting to be alone most of the time. Athena always trying to go the harder way up the playground and she falls a lot. Ryker staying on the ground playing with the tanbark. According to (Zastrow & Kirst-Ashman, 2013) “in the text by 18 months, a baby can walk, are beginning to run, their movements are still awkward and results…

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  • The Importance Of Feminity

    assholes and discard the losers pretending to be Mr. Right by recognizing their manipulating tactics and working your way around them, only then you can attract the man of your dreams. Talking What you say out of your mouth can make or break…

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  • The Four Cultural Beliefs Of Sam's Club

    for excellence, and act with integrity these help the company stay strong with people. Having respect for employees and its customer is a great way to show that a company not only cares about the money being made but the people contributing. This culture belief started when the company was small as a way to show its employees and customers they are valued. Ways to show respect is by listing to its employees and then being able to communicate back to them the results. Sam’s has a Sundown policy…

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  • Reflective Essay: The Wisconsin Experience

    It’s hard to imagine that this time last year I was attending high school with my best friends, seeing my family every night, and wishing graduation would come faster. Now I am living 5 hours away from that familiar area, taking care of myself, and studying for finals. This first semester of freshman year has been incredible, eye opening, and a lot shorter than I could have ever imagined. One thing I’ve learned through this semester that it is actually okay to eat meals by yourself and walk to…

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  • Value Of Service

    children like Stella who have to endure so many tragedies. At one point he even yells, “Don’t you care? In her country the (government lies, and steals land, and kills, and tortures!” (Woolfitt 37). Similarly, Saunders talks about a girl from his school named Ellen. He remembers so many minute details about this girl such as her “blue cat’s-eye glasses” even though she moved away. He remembers the way she was “mostly ignored, occasionally teased.” These details prove that Saunders noticed the…

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  • Curfew Research Paper

    I think that parents should be happy that someone besides them care about the well-being of their children and are trying to protect them from harming their selves or others harming them. And parents should also understand that the police have a hard time as it is without having to apprehend them and bring them home or to the police station until their parents are notified. This to me is a great idea as well as a great way to stop some of the crime occurring after hours that involve…

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  • Choosing Civility Analysis

    educational setting and everyday life. The way we treat one another is an important part of the type of person we are perceived to be. It is also a great way to measure ones self and the quality of life they live. This concept is what is known as civility and it is something that everyone should think about. The author of Choosing Civility explains that in order to be civil there are a couple of ideas we must…

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  • A Personal Narrative Essay: My Dream Job

    I have thought and talked about my dream job in great detail many times before. My dream job is intricate, and way too complicated to ever become a reality but a girl can dream. It has many parts to it and would take an estimated 70 years to get all necessary degrees and experience to be able to achieve but it would be so worth it. The first part of it is I would be a climber-photographer for National Geographic and get paid to travel, climb mountains, and take pictures. Then, in the next stage…

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  • Why Is Giving Important?

    What is giving? Giving means to freely offer or provide a gift to someone. Whether it’s for a celebration or out of the kindness of your heart. There are many reasons out there why giving can be healthy for you. Yes, I said healthy. You might think it’s just an act of kindness but in reality there are many health benefits to giving and I’m here to tell you what kind of benefits they are. As you read keep in mind that these are just a few reasons why giving is healthy, there are plenty others to…

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