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  • The Importance Of Animal Welfare And Ethics

    ranchers work 24/7 to take care of their animals and ultimately know that what is best for the animal is best for them. To create a good product, animals have to be cared for and raised in the best possible way. My all time favorite article from this class is Michael Pollans, Power Steer article that was in the New York times. I quote it often, but that is because it really shows what it takes to raise animals in the animal agriculture industry, especially if you do it in a way that’s best…

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  • Steve In The World Reflection

    one who cares about you, or feeling like you have no one to relate to. Unfortunately this how Steve in A Chance in the World felt throughout a big portion of his life. Before deciding on which book I was going to read for this project, I decided to do a little bit more research on each, rather then just looking at the back of the book. I finally decided on A Chance in the World, because I felt like this book would teach me a lot about the hardships children like Steve face, and hopefully a way…

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  • Pixel Advertisement Analysis: Mistakes Are Opportunities

    “surprisingly not new” (Google). The appeal to logos is evident here by stating facts. Every feature of the Google Pixel is new but the headphone jack has been around for quite some time and Google plans to keep it that way. Taking Apple’s misfortune and creating an advantage with it is a great way to try to win the hearts of iPhone users and will most likely get them to stay attracted to their brand. The “return” of the headphone jack is a good example of Google taking advantage of Apple for…

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  • The Importance Of Making The Transition From High School To College

    can be a struggle. There are endless resources to help students get their work done and still have time to relax. Going to office hours is one-way students can prevent struggling in class. Professors want to help students succeed, going to office hours shows commitment and will encourage the professor to give their all to you. Tutors are also another way to seek studying help, tutors and prove information, answer questions, and help students study for test and…

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  • Trauma Reflection Essay

    Emotion, Memory and the Brain, Trauma and PTSD Symptoms: Does Spiritual Struggle Mediate the Link? I especially enjoyed the exploration of brain activity and the effect the trauma can have on the brain this week. I think that the way the slides were organized were a great way to gradually expand on knowledge introduced in the readings, and slowly but surely increase the complexity of the ideas. While I am attempting to critically analyze the class, I really do think that the slides and concepts…

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  • The Importance Of Being Successful In College

    take during your college career is vital to being successful not only while you attend college, but once you graduate. Making time for your studies and not procrastinating are a great way to maintain good grades. I know Netflix may have just added a new season of your favorite current show, but before you binge watch your way through the entire season over the next 24 hours, make sure you have finished your homework. Also, never put off homework until the last minute because chances are you…

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  • Reflective Essay On The Big Five Personality Test

    who don’t deserve the benefit of the doubt. My emotions get in the way of my rational and I have been hurt many times because of it. I think this hinders…

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  • Excuses: A Process Analysis Of School Students

    Process Analysis Students in school wonder if it 's possible to get all A 's in their classes or maybe just one class. I’m going to start off with experience from school. With some of the experience that I had in school I think it is possible to get an A but the student has to be on the ball and not slack off at the end. Students just have to try hard and not get distracted when they are doing their work or studying. If they could do that then there will be no problem on passing the class…

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  • Essay On College Dropout

    Well, you can be both right and wrong with this question. Sure, college parties are a great way to meet new friends and have some down time and fun after classes, but if the student allows this get too out of hand, that is when things start to go wrong. Students should be allowed to have fun in college. There is no rule against having fun…

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  • FFA Essay

    The National FFA Organization is a high school club open to anyone willing to be a part of it. The FFA is able to be accessed through many ways. You can drive to your local high school Agriculture class or access it via internet. It may be accessed throughout the normal school hours by going and talking to your local FFA advisor. Anyone is able to access anything within the FFA. It is open to the public, but in order to be a member, you must be a high school student enrolled in an Ag class and…

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