Customer Retention At John Lewis And Waitrose Essay

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Customer Perspective
Customer retention is a means of keeping existing customers and making sure they are happy with the services provided from a business (John Lewis).One way to keep increasing customer retention year on year is to provide loyalty cards or discount cards. This makes sure that each customer has an incentive to keep shopping at John Lewis/ Waitrose.
“Providing the best customer service – wherever and however they shop with us” (Lewis, 2015). Always keeping the customer informed and asking them how to better improve services demonstrates that John Lewis do care about them.
Most of the shopping done by customers is on the internet. Customer retention with regards to this should be aiming at improving delivery time. The fact that John Lewis do free delivery is in itself a great way to keep customers who may not have time to go shopping. “There is also demand for more flexible delivery and collection services which fit in with consumer preferences.” (Lewis, 2015). Online shopping should be use to access, use and should provide flexible all around the day in case customers are not at home.
The key performance indicator with regards to online shopping is to measure the percentage of on-time deliveries. For example if I wanted John Lewis to deliver my shopping at 1pm on a Friday and they came more than half an hour late that should count as late. Measuring this should be done by the customer when they receive the receipt a simple yes or no would insure that John…

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