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  • Brenner's Ten Ways To Improve Interpersonal Skills

    business is by receiving instruction from your boss about a new project. If you listen well, you will be able to know what you need to do for the project and the expectations of the project. Carrie Brenner, author of “Ten Ways to Improve Your Interpersonal Skills” (n.d.) give practical ways to improve listen skills in the office. Brenner states, “Using your own words, repeat what the speaker has said. By doing this, you’ll know that you’ve processed their words, and they’ll realize that your…

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  • Selena Gomeo Research Paper

    Corporate companies are defining our beauty standards to impossible lengths for women by manipulating emotional insecurities and using well loved celebrities as a way to define beauty expectations. In 2016 popular singer/actress Selena Gomez became the leading face of the popular hair care company, Pantene. In these series of commercials Gomez expresses her out pouring love for Pantene’s product Pantene Pro-V Daily Moisture Renewal. Looking at the first commercial produced…

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  • A Career As A College Student

    Growing up, I was so excited to venture out and become a college student. I have always been an independent person, so I knew college would be a perfect fit for me. College can be one of the biggest, most important events in a person’s life and I wanted to experience that more than anything. I decided to attend college because a degree is required for the nursing field, I have always dreamed of being a college student, and I fear I would regret not attending later on in my life. Having a degree…

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  • Whole Brain Teaching: The Importance Of Motivation

    that may affect his apathy towards his work. I also talked with him casually about his interests, hobbies, etc. This way, I could see what really made him “tick”. We all have things we are passionate about and when I planned my lessons I tried to incorporate those things I knew would really make his eyes sparkle. This also gets students on your side. When students see you truly care about them, they will want to please you and do their best for you. Without this relationship, any other methods…

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  • Summary: We Hug Trees For Christianity

    churches that keep creation care detained and how could this impact the advance of the gospel? There are many obstacles that holding the church back from being a helping hand in the care of creation. In an article called We Hug Trees for Jesus we find a number of issues that face the church today. First we see there is a problem with how “Christian Environmentalist” relay our Biblical responsibility to the earth. Second though they are passionate about the need to take care of the earth they can…

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  • Reflection On Leveraging Micro Funds Challenges

    The “Leveraging Micro Funds Challenge” was a very beneficial multi part assignment. It allowed for each group to think abstractly on how to fundraise money with very little capital. It was a great way for someone to understand their role when it comes to group work. Throughout this reflection I will touch on; the skills that I bring and my role in the group, what we could have done better, and my overall learning experience. My group decided to do professional headshots for our leveraging…

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  • The Big Event Analysis

    of their sex, race, or social status. I believe that everyone has equal right to be able to give and receive to one another. This may not come in place of money, but it can come in a way of volunteering. This is an opportunity for me and everyone else to show our love to the community and to let them know that we care that we are part of the community that we are belong here. Please describe a time when you have experienced the importance of selfless service in our society. It started when I…

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  • The Role Of A Hero In William R. Forstchen's One Second After

    Is it sacrificing oneself for others? Is it putting others before yourself? A hero does all this, but thinks about all the outcomes with every decision that they make. John is a hero in so many different ways. He trusts his gut and does what is necessary in order to keep his friends and family safe. There was incident that happen after a day or two after the EMP hit the United States. There was a man trying to get drugs from a pharmacist. However, he was…

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  • The Importance Of Making The Transition From High School To College

    can be a struggle. There are endless resources to help students get their work done and still have time to relax. Going to office hours is one-way students can prevent struggling in class. Professors want to help students succeed, going to office hours shows commitment and will encourage the professor to give their all to you. Tutors are also another way to seek studying help, tutors and prove information, answer questions, and help students study for test and…

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  • Trauma Reflection Essay

    Emotion, Memory and the Brain, Trauma and PTSD Symptoms: Does Spiritual Struggle Mediate the Link? I especially enjoyed the exploration of brain activity and the effect the trauma can have on the brain this week. I think that the way the slides were organized were a great way to gradually expand on knowledge introduced in the readings, and slowly but surely increase the complexity of the ideas. While I am attempting to critically analyze the class, I really do think that the slides and concepts…

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