Managing One-To-One On Inc. Magazine By Leigh Buchanan

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Business Motivational Techniques

The following corporate motivation practices will help inspire your employees, generate positive morale, and increase productivity and output.

1. Know Your Employees
One of the best motivation techniques is to periodically spend a little time with each of your employees. Don’t just discuss work, make it a point to inquire about their family and what they enjoy doing other than work. I am not saying don’t discuss any business, but speak to their lives outside of work. Your employees will conclude that you actually care about them, which will translate to a happier employee.

2. Use Business Promotions
Gift your employee’s small items such as pens, pencils, and even coffee mugs. All, of course, with the company
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Knowing how your employee’s think will help you run your business more effectively and efficiently. The critical point here is that your employees won’t feel like they’re just a number. There is an excellent article regarding this technique entitled “Managing One-to-One" on Inc. Magazine by Leigh Buchanan.

4. Work Environment
This technique is definitely one of tremendous importance. Having a pleasant workplace will help to motivate employees and increase their performance. Having fun is also a great way to manage stress.

Here are a few great ideas to try out. Put together an impromptu sports league with the champs winning a day off, gift certificate or something interesting and valued. Run the tournament during lunch breaks for example. If you really want to turn employee 's heads, get management to clean offices or wash cars every so often.
For more ideas on bettering your work environment check out the article at team building
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And in the corporate world it’s no different. This motivational practice if used often, will be enormously effective. Many managers use fear and pressure tactics on their employees. But a good manager knows this only serves to create a negative work atmosphere.

In today 's complicated world, there are so many negative things going on and it’s no surprise that the effects promote a dysfunctional work environment. As managers and leaders, we need to commit to understanding and appreciating our employees more. Don 't just say "good job", go out of your way by buy lunch for your employees.

8. Teamwork
There are instances when employees just don 't like or trust one another. As leaders, we have to force the issue in order to build better teamwork. As you’ve heard many times before, “there is no I in teamwork”.

Group your employees together for certain projects and make the outcome reliant upon all members working together. Tie such projects together with recognition and make it a contest where the group is the winner, not the individuals. Keep in mind that you should do something for the entire workplace no matter what the outcome. This will help you keep peace among warring factions.

9. Cross

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