Positive Aspects Of Walmart's Principle Of Management

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Principle of Management has taught me a lot about management and how it’s important in every organization, small or large. For my final project, I chose to discuss Walmart’s management and their leadership styles, motivation styles, positive and negative aspects of the culture, and how Walmart can make themselves more convenient for customers.

Positive aspects of walmart’s culture
On the other hand, working at walmart can be rewarding. full and part time associates can receive quarterly bonuses based on store performance. walmart associates can earn college credit for work experience. the walmart foundation gives associates scholarships walmart offers 401k retirement savings with matching contributions of up to 6%
10% discount on fresh fruits
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Managers use motivation to inspire their employees to work, in hopes of generating the best outcomes in efficient and effective ways that are beneficial to both the organization and the employees. With walmart being the #1 U.S. retailer, the downside is that they have a high turnover rate of 44% due to some of the criticisms of the employee culture. In order to keep their spot at #1, they must keep their employees happy and make them learn to love their jobs. Although there are many criticisms of Walmart’s employee culture, they are making changes by using motivation …show more content…
("Management And Leadership Of Wal Mart Management Essay.") I believe a majority of the walmart managers show an Autocratic style of behavioral theory. The Autocratic theory dictates work methods, limits input from other employees, and centralizes decision making to the higher-ups. (CITE BOOK, PG 340) Group members are rarely asked for their opinions on decisions or important projects, which can make them feel untrusted by their leaders, and can bring down their self esteem. If leaders practiced employee oriented behavioral theory, a study done by the University of Michigan, it would benefit the company and the employees. Employee oriented leaders were linked with high group productivity and higher job satisfaction. Having high job satisfaction is very important in any organization because employees are proven to have higher levels of performance, stay with the organization, and it leads to lower absenteeism since employees generally enjoy their

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