Essay On How To Motivate Minimum Wage Service Workers

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Propose three ways to motivate the minimum wage service worker.
Motivating minimum wage service worker can be a little trick because most employees are worried about the compensation. Compensation is plays a major role but motivation can be showing in other different ways. Try to make the work environment fun by having celebration for birthdays, work anniversaries and recognition of work performance. This can be encouraging because the employees see that you care about them even if you can not afford to contribute to their salary. Flexible schedule is a plus especially for employees who can not keep a traditional work schedule. Career opportunities and training development can be a sure motivator. Giving them the skills to prepare for career advancement will be an extreme way of motivating to know that they will have the opportunity to further their career in a better position.
Consider how communication, attitudes, behavior and culture affect team performance. Outline a guide you would use to lead a work team.
I am currently in a position of lead of the Administrative staff at my job. I have five staff members that I delegate out work and help support. Everyone work ethics or standards are different and it can be very difficult because I am new to being in this position. My guide is to make sure that we are able to work as a team. Effective teamwork is crucial. The key elements for employees are the abilities to work with others, commitment, communication between the team members is vital to ensure that all know what needs to be done, and what their specific responsibilities are. You have to show the members of the
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Try to mediate and resolve disputes. Everyone may not get along with each other because of different personalities. Step five: Encourage members to share information. I encourage my staff to share how they perform their job duties with each other especially if they are off of work for an extended period of

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