Persuasive Essay On Minimum Wage

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Minimum Wage When the cost of living goes up shouldn’t the minimum wage also? America the land of the great is seemingly increasing to appear not so great. We offer underpaid jobs so that our hard working American brothers and sisters can lace up their shoes in the morning put in 40hours a week to come home with a measly 7.25a hour and struggle to make ends meet with their families. This has been disputed throughout the ages and there are lots of scientifically studies and research that have been done to sway each side to the others opinion. I feel that the minimum wage needs to be raised and we should be rewarding our hard working American sisters and brothers. How can we go on with good conscious considering America this great nation when …show more content…
Its INTENTIONAL purpose was to keep America’s workers out of poverty and it has hurled 30%+ of population right into the deep depths of poverty. Its broken dreams and shattered imagination. The fear of making minimum wage is engrained into the minds of kids to the fear that they will suffer if not for completing a college level education and following the system step by step. Does this leave room for much freedom to become entrepreneurs? The fear of the minimum wage will keep a vast majority of us from pursuing dreams. The wage is an unlivable one and needs to be reconsidered deeply . Most of the states that have raised minimum wages above the federal level are not in the Southern States. A federal increase would be most dramatic in the south and workers in the south accumulate to about 17% of the nations current working force. The debate to raise minimum wage will be a tough one with strong stance on both sides of the spectrum. Technology Education, and mass increased demand should all be considered when talking about the minimum wage. Wanting and needing more, needing it now are all part of the modern day societies mentality. Take this into consideration when we have those at home starving while the rich get richer. This leaves no room at the bottom of the food chain for our low-wage income families to

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