Beauty Research Paper

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A beautiful girl has the perfect mix of straight and curly hair, a naturally flawless face, a Victoria 's Secret model body, and the set of pearly white teeth. Along with having all of the perfectly shaped physical features; the clothes that corporate companies make in a variety of size are suppose to fit your body as if they were made specifically for you. You are expected to use the perfect hair products and makeup products, know how to use them in the perfect amount. As women we are told growing up that looks mean everything. Not only to be able to find a man so they can provide for you but to find a job and succeed, to get A’s on school papers and pass through high school and college. We are taught that are natural selves are not good enough …show more content…
As society grows and women are seen more provocative, the more and more real women will feel inferior and self conscious in their own skin. We as women are trained to hate ourselves, whether it be in social media platforms, commercials, television, or any other form in society. We are taught from the moment we can speak and walk that what we say and do in this world is not good enough in less we look “the part.” There is no teaching in our society about women being mentally strong, being educated, being talented in other fields outside of looks. Women are taught how to use their looks as an advantage, beauty commercials teach women that we are suppose to use our looks for an advantage. These models, dances, singers, and actresses they are not real but we are brainwashed into thinking that they are. Feminist are told everyday that women are no longer oppressed, that women have it all because they can just use their looks. Do you have it all if you have to use your looks to survive in society? Beauty commercials are the leading cause in what defines beauty. Our job as women is to educated the women who do not see these problems, to make them aware, to make it aware to girls and women of all ages that you do not have to look perfect in order to be beautiful. We are the ones living in our skin everyday, however, we are letting corporate companies and men define what being beautiful means. It is time for us as women to define what beauty means on our own terms and in our own way

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