Analysis Of The Article 'If Your Bills, You Are Not Alone'

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“If Your Parents Are Still Paying Your Bills, You 're not alone” May 21, 2015

The piece that I’ve deicide to write about is on how students like me are still having to ask their parents for money to make ends meet. The reason why I chose this article is because I think it hits home for a lot of us. As a college student, life can be never ending rollercoaster. A lot of us are either going to school full time while working part time or if you’re like me you’re going to school part time and working full time just to make ends meet, but sometimes even working just doesn’t cut it. In the article Akane Otani says that going to school is a great way have a better life in this world, but in order to get into school a lot of us have to have money,
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As a college student, trying to pay for classes, books, food and emergency situations on a little to no is crucial. Instead of asking the bank for more money we have to rely on our parents. Even when you’re finished with your degree and you have an actual job, you may still need help from your parents. In 2015, 36 percent of parents said in a poll published this week that they expect to support their child for more than two years after graduation, up from 18 percent the year before. More than 16 percent think that arrangement will last more than five years, according to the poll, conducted by massive education lender Sallie Mae (Akane Otani, 2015). This is where it might get difficult for some people. As human we tend to let our pride get in the way of our lives. Some people, including me hate the idea of asking for money, even if it’s from a loved one. There is this stigma that if you’re an adult, asking for money is looked down upon and you’re seen as weak or unfit to be an adult. In fact in the article Jeffery, a research professor of psychology at Clark University says that "There 's this negative stereotype we have about young adults, that getting financial help from their parents indicates a character deficiency on their part" (Akane Otani, 2015). I do agree with this part. Like I said earlier, some people just have too much pride to take money from someone else. I think it’s just human

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