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  • The Situation Analysis Of Mcdonalds And Mcdonalds

    Boston Market, and Subway is a threat to McDonalds expansion. McDonald’s external factors mainly threaten the business. A.2 Most significant sociocultural factor that affects McDonald’s company is the change of people’s lifestyle. McDonald’s shows that there is an opportunity to grow when it comes to widening wealth gap because consumers of McDonald’s varies from low to medium income households. Having cultural diverse company, it has an opportunity to improve its product mix to satisfy a diverse target market. However, as I have mentioned earlier about change in people’s lifestyle is a threat because McDonald’s products are often criticized for their negative health effects. Nonetheless, it has the opportunity to compete and add healthy choices menu. Overall aspect of it’s sociocultural external factors, McDonalds mostly will have a great development in its business. A.3 McDonald’s considers the impact of the political environment on its industry. These factors refer to the effects government action on remote or macro environment of businesses. McDonald’s has the opportunity to expand its business based on improved international trade, which can enhance global supply chains. It has the opportunity to reform its practices and strategies to lessen the impact of taxation on its business without violating the law. However, public health policy increasingly tends to discourage the people from consuming fast food from firms like McDonalds. On the contrary, the company can offer…

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  • The Marketing Audit Analysis Of Mcdonalds And Mcdonalds

    give a good insight of how the company is doing. The audit will show what the company can do to improve themselves. The company that has been chosen for this report is McDonalds, this is because they are one of the most successful brands in the world and the number one fast food restaurant. The research that was carried out for this report mainly came from reading a range of books on Marketing, the Internet was used to research the company. McDonalds is recognised globally as being one of the…

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  • Mcdonalds And Globalization

    how a small town drive-in restaurant can expand nationally and international. The McDonald brothers, Richard and Maurice founded the McDonald’s restaurant. The McDonald “brothers developed food processing and assembly line techniques” which in later years expanded globally (Vignali, 2001). The innovative way of preparing, serving, and selling food began in California. Since the 1920’s, California has been known as a tourist city. The city features many cultural events, galleries, and museums…

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  • Globalization Of Mcdonalds

    indicated that all over the world, McDonald is ranked second when it comes to private employers, second only to Wal-Mart. The report by BBC went on to expose that the corporation has about 1.9 million employees. Of these, 1.5 million work on the franchises. This makes the company a special entity in the world. The main business setup of McDonald’s restaurant is entered around cheese burgers, chicken, hamburgers, breakfast items, desserts and French fries, Soft drinks and milkshakes. There are…

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  • Judgmental Analysis Of Mcdonalds: The Marketing Strategy Of Mcdonalds

    its positioning strategy, the companies slogan “I’m loving it and with its mascot Ronald McDonald has also helped the companies popularity. (Colorado State University Global) The company continues to provide its services and by offering new products to maintain its popularity within the market shares. The company is planning to develop a new, healthier sandwich that is a quinoa patty. The new sandwich will be served on a whole-wheat bun. In order to serve this new product, the company must…

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  • The Case Study Of Mcdonalds: Mcdonalds Around The World

    I am fortunate enough to been offer a chance to research and study the amazing corporation, McDonalds, and how their people respond to emergencies or crises that may affect their way of doing business around the world which can affect the brand a great deal. I have found and will illustrate to the reader the amazing ways that McDonalds uses their unique marketing styles based on by the country where the company is located. Specifically, I will explain the following in this review, the issue…

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  • Marketing Information Analysis Of Mcdonalds

    Task 2 (1)Marketing Information report McDonalds McDonalds is one of the best known brands in the world. Branding develops a character for an organisation, product or service. The brand image represents how customers view the organisation. McDonalds use many communication methods like advertisings and promotions to attract customers and give discounts as well. Moreover, McDonalds faces many competitions from other businesses such as Burger King.…

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  • Mcdonald's: A Case Study Of Mcdonalds

    the late Richard McDonald, Maurice McDonald and Ray Kroc. Before McDonald’s came to what is was in 1955 it was something totally different. In 1937 Richard and Maurice’s father opened a food stand called the Airdome in Monrovia, California. The stand sold hot dogs, hamburgers, and drinks. In 1940 Maurice and Richard moved the Airdome to Bernardino, California and renamed the restaurant McDonald’s Barbeque. McDonald’s Barbeque had 25 menu items and majority of their products were barbeque. The…

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  • The Golden Challenges Of Mcdonalds

    There is one thing that every human being has in common, everyone has to eat. McDonalds started in one store in Illinois and has grown to be in several different countries around the world (Fishwick, 1995). The chain of McDonald’s fast-food restaurants has similar items on the menu even though the cultures are so different. There are 30,000 McDonalds worldwide, which spreads to over 120 countries (Ward, 2007). The golden arches of McDonalds is a cultural landscape of this fast-food restaurants…

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  • Marketing Concept Of Mcdonalds

    As a marketing researcher working for a big corporation such as McDonalds, keeping up with the fast pace changing world of consumers is important. Companies “need information in order to develop and deliver products and/or services that can satisfy their customer’s needs” (Brown, T., Sutter, T., & Churchill, G., 2014, pg. 3). In this paper I will discuss two new product ideas that McDonald’s can incorporate into their menu to meet consumers wants and needs, while maintain a positive dietary and…

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