Globalization Of Mcdonalds

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All over the world, McDonald’s corporation has remained the largest chain of restaurants. This restaurant that deals with fast food can does a very large set of tasking in food production. In one single day, this restaurant can serve up to sixty eight million customers all over the world, in all the 119 countries that the chain of restaurants are set up. The corporation’s initiation can be rooted back to the year 1940 with its headquarters in the USA. The founders of the restaurant are Maurice and Richard. The progress of the restaurant was steady and became more objective in the year 1948, when the restaurants were reorganized into humbuggers. The chain of restaurants
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The universality of McDonald’s products means that the corporation has the ability to bring people of different cultures together to share their common attributes such as food. Although language and culture differ from one geographical region to the other, the fact that people share similar food products can act as a unifying factor. A common saying in France goes:’ bon appétit’, meaning hearty and nice meals have a common language. McDonald has taken this literally to unite people from different cultures through providing delicious meals that can be enjoyed together. This brings about an aspect of …show more content…
To the left, the outlet has a take-out counter and to its right the regular with visible logos of McDonald 's and a poster of McSavers. Globalization practically knows no limits, no boundaries. As long as minds and palates meet and agree, then setting up the business poses no problem. In the same vein, this country does have its own leading fast-food which has always been ahead of McDonalds which has its own branches and outlets in China, USA, Dubai, and Canada. There is a token of reciprocity here: a foreign food outlet can set up its shop in the Saudi and vice-versa. Internationalization is alive and

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