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1. You need to perform a SWOT analysis on the company?
SWOT Analysis:
Following is the SWOT analysis of the company:
 Simple and clean products.
 Good business structure.
 Situated in a good business area.
 Good back end integration regarding the company’s products.
 Plenty of loyal customers.
 Complicated supply chain structure.
 Inadequate operational strategies.
 Poor interaction with customers.
 Inadequate marketing strategies.
 Less number of products.
 Dependence on single supplier.
 Increase in annual sales and overall profit margin.
 Increase in business growth/size.
 Export of products to other parts of the United States at famous stores.
 Good realization of the domestic
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Furthermore it can also help the company to reduce input cost in many cases such as marketing, packaging, transportation etc. This can increase the profit margin for short period of time. In case of long term, this strategy could not bring increase in number of customers for the company and could not provide sustainability in business growth and annual sales of the company’s products. Another difficult problem is the establishment of good connection amongst ST and its retailers. Numerous comparable companies utilize a distributor network: they essentially pitch the product to the distributors, who thus market to the retailers, keep the racks supplied, and so on. As noted for the situation, there are two noteworthy drawbacks to utilizing a distributor network: 1) profit margins will be less; distributors charge 20% for their administrations, and 2) St may lose compelling control over the distribution network (this point might be attached back to the estimation of brand, discussed in the marketing zone). Despite the fact that distributors may consent to benefit just certain retail outlets, once they possess the product it is difficult to keep them from offloading abundance inventory to an advantageous (i.e.-mass) outlet. At last, the inventory and payment systems are poorly composed. It is obvious that this range has not been a need for the company. Simply, they have to …show more content…
This gives result in increase in the number of loyal customers. The company can ensure good increase in number of customers by focusing on improvement in customer services. For this company should focus on improvement of operational strategies of the company. In this regard dealing with an international supply chain is a long way from simple. A noteworthy hazard factor in the supply chain is SF's reliance on a single supplier for the larger part of its inventory. As a moderately small record, ST has constrained control over the price and, to some degree, the nature of the tea provided. Volatility in the dollar/pound conversion scale compounds the hazard. Sooner or later, class exchange ought to investigate the feasibility of decreasing the reliance of ST on their essential supplier. This ought to be stressed. So in order to increase in sale and number of customers, ST should improve marketing, inventory, customer services and internal

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